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Who we are?

We are a simple and free minded bunch of guys who got admired by the environment of Linux and as well as the Independence of Open Source and thereby decided to carry the same to the users so that they too can enjoy the Feasts.

What do we do?

Just like other Human beings, we do the same routine in life with an extra added Passion towards working with Linux and Opensource. We conduct Real-time experiments on working with Linux and the successful results will be appearing to our users in the form of articles and when the experiment goes wrong, then you can find us reinstalling the app or the OS depending on our craziness.

Identifying Ourselves to you as Ourselves- Voice of Individual:

As you know, we guys are a bunch of people who got handpicked for their individual craziness. Since each person was covering different extremes in the Graph, it was very difficult to get all of us to a converging point and make us work together. Yet, we have to accept that our CEO was such a strong person who had the ability to grab all of us from different points and knot us to a single point which finally is converted into a Successful Outcome and it is nothing but “TEC ROBUST”.

After a never-ending argument(which finally ends at the Weekend Outing) within ourselves, we all had decided to let our users explore us the way we are. The following are the consequences of that.


Hey Guys, How you doing? I am Ranger and I am from Philadelphia. Actually, I am a very Lazy person with an active mind and a lazy body and mostly sleeping because of that. Foods and Places are my favorite and I would love to explore places. My Interest towards Opensource led me down to TECROBUST.


My name is Rachel and I am from North Carolina. I am working as a Content Writer on TECROBUST. Dogs are my favorite. I spend most of my time playing with my dogs and I have an Akita and her name is Blushy and I have to admit that she has such a beautiful smile.


Seeker of nature. For me, everything is about nature. Loves to gaze through different scapes, weather and admire the colors of nature. I am a content writer and working on TECROBUST.

Jim Moriarty:(Author)


A Huge fan of Sherlock. Jim Moriarty is kind of like my Stage name. My name is Scott and I am from East Texas. Always prefer to spend my vacations in the snow region as you all well aware of the weather of Texas. I wish to spend my Summer Holidays in Switzerland. I work at Tec Robust and all I get as Snowy is nothing but the Air Conditioning here.



Hey guys, I’m from New York and Tec Robust is not my first team. I have little experience of working as a team, however, I would like to be alone and finish my work off and explore my life. I am a  thorough Lover of Loneliness and Nature. Loneliness is my preferred companion and exploring nature is my passion.

John Lucas(Author):


I am a great Superheros Comics Fan. I hope that covers me.


Feeling Happy to be a part of Tec Robust in the first place. Coming from Orange County, I am quite different from the other authors of Tec Robust as I am more Passionate towards Windows than Linux. Coming from the Sands of Laguna, I like Beaches more than anything !!!!

Cooper:(Video Tutorials)

Hello Folks, Cooper is my name and I come from Nebraska and currently living in LA. Compared to the other guys, I am active both physically as well as mentally and I am responsible for all the videos that are happening in TECROBUST as well the other Video Pages of TECROBUST. My Interest towards Ubuntu over all other famous Operating systems pulled me towards TECROBUST.

John:(Front End)

Greetings from John. I seriously have no idea on what is happening on Linux and its environments and don’t have any passion for Linux because I am a Front-End Developer and I would like to play with Colors and Styles more than Linux Codes. If you ever find any problem with TECROBUST on its appearance then most probably I am working on something seriously behind it but I will get TR back to perfect in no time.



Hey Guys, This is Ben, CEO, and founder of TECROBUST and I am from Los Angeles. Unlike our team, I have a lot of zeal as well as passion towards Linux and also Open Source. When I got my first Laptop, It came with a Brand New Linux Open Suse. For a couple of days, I was very interested but when I found that I couldn’t able to play my favorite games or to run useful applications. Eventually, I switched to other Operating systems but my heart was filled with Linux and I have decided to listen to my heart and hence I founded TECROBUST. Tux is my Favorite.

This list will keep growing every day like a branch until it becomes a Banyan.

Voice as a Team:

Though we are all different points, as a Team we have our full dedication towards TECROBUST and we are working hard to make TECROBUST the most useful Blog to users. We might do mistakes at several steps and we kindly apologize for that but we will keep working hard to get better than yesterday and so does TECROBUST.

How to Contact Us:

Friends, We really appreciate you contacting us and we are ready to find a solution or offer a solution on Linux Environments and other Open source and you can contact us through our CONTACT US Page.

Have a Great Day!!