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Add Minimize Button to Elementary OS[Working Steps]

How to add minimize button to applications of Elementary OS

Add Minimize Button to Elementary OS


dd Minimize button to Elementary OS: If you are a Windows user or a regular Ubuntu user and for any reason, if you are switching to Elementary OS then the first tiresome process will be minimizing an application window there won’t be a dedicated Minimize button on an application window like Ubuntu or Windows. The following is the working method to add the minimize button to the elementary OS so that the applications are loaded with the Minimize icon. Let us get into the article.

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Add minimize button to Elementary OS via Elementary tweaks tool:

Installing the Elementary Tweaks tool and enabling the Minimize button from that is such an easy process. We have explained the steps with clear images for easy understanding. Kindly follow the below steps.

Install Elementary Tweaks Tool:

  • Firstly, let us install the common software properties to our system.
$sudo apt install software-properties-common
Note: If Software properties common is already installed then ignore this step.
  • We will add the corresponding repository to our system. Execute the following command on the terminal.
$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:philip.scott/elementary-tweaks
  • It is time to install the Elementary Tweaks Tool using the following command on the terminal.
$sudo apt install elementary-tweaks
Install Elementary Tweaks Tool
Install Elementary Tweaks Tool
  • The above command will install the Elementary tweaks tool on your system.¬†Enter the system password when prompted to authenticate the installation process

Adding the Minimize button to Applications of Elementary OS:

  1. The Elementary Tweaks Tool is now installed. Let us go to it.
  2. Click on Applications and go to System Settings.
    System Settings
    System Settings
  3. On the System Settings, from Personal, click on Tweaks and open it.
  4. On Elementary Tweaks, click on the Appearance tab.
  5. From Windows controls, drop down the Layout option.
  6. You will find a number of options that include Windows, Elementary, OS X, Minimize only Right, Ubuntu, and more.
  7. Set the layout option either to Minimize only Right or Windows.
  8. Now, you can find the change in the application windows. Minimize button is now added to the application Windows of the Elementary OS.
    Minimize button on Files
    Minimize button on Files

Minimizing an application using Dock:

  • New users or users with Windows and Ubuntu experience only will face this minimizing difficulty on Elementary OS.
  • The above steps are the permanent solution to get rid of this difficulty.
  • However, if you are Mac user then probably you will not be having any difficulty with using the Dock for minimizing the applications on Elementary OS.
  • Whenever you are using an application Elementary OS, you can find it on the Dock. Clicking on the icon of the application on the Dock will minimize the application. Check out the following visual representation.
    Minimizing with Dock
    Minimizing with Dock
  • In this way, you really don’t need a Minimize button but just getting used to the new UX.
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The above article provides the solutions to Minimizing an application on Elementary OS with Minimize button and more. If you have any queries with the above article, please let us know in the comment section. For instant solutions, visit our Forum!!


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