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Base 64 Encoder Online Tool to Encode Strings into Base64 Code

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Why Base64 Encoder Tool:

If you have any confidential information or data that you need to transfer across the network, You may need the Base64 Encoder tool. You can generally rely on the same 64 characters being present in many character sets, You can have a 100% confident that your data’s going to end up on the other side of the Network uncorrupted.

The Base64 is basically a way on encoding arbitrary binary data in ASCII text. It’s more easily transmitted in things like e-mail and HTML form data.

Base64 can be used for many purposes:

  • Evolution and Thunderbird use Base64 to obfuscate e-mail passwords
  • Base64 can be used to transmit and store text that might otherwise cause delimiter collision
  • Base64 is often used as a quick but insecure shortcut to obscure secrets without incurring the overhead of cryptographic key management
  • Spammers use Base64 to evade basic anti-spamming tools, which often do not decode
  • Base64 and therefore cannot detect keywords in encoded messages.
  • Base64 is used to encode character strings in LDIF files
  • Base64 is also used when communicating with government Fiscal Signature printing devices to minimize the delay when transferring receipt characters for signing.
  • Base64 is used to encode binary files such as images within scripts, to avoid depending on external files.
  • It Can be used to embed raw image data into a CSS property such as background-image.
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Features of Base64 Encoder Tool:

  • Secure Data Encoding
  • URL, Text & Any type of input can be encoded using base64 encoder online tool
  • Faster Encoding

Completely Free of Use:

This Base64 Encode online tool is completely free and we will never charge for any type of Data conversion occur in this Base64 Encoder.

Easy to Use:

Just copy the Data and paste the Data in the above textarea and hit “Base64 Encode” button, instantly the Encoded data will appear on the textarea. If you want to undo the process and simply press the Reset button to retrieve the original URL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is base64 encoding?
In computer science Base64 is a group of binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation. The term Base64 originates from a specific MIME content transfer encoding.
How does base64 encode work?
Base 64 Encoding takes a stream of bits and converts them to 8 bit characters that belong to the universal ASCII character set. Base64 Encoding takes 24 bits of input data and converts it to 32 bits of encoded data.
Does base64 reduce size?
There is no encoding that “reduces size.” Encodings are just mappings of bits to the character they represent. You can compress the data with e.g. gzip, bzip2 or lzma and then run through base64 to limit the used character set.
Is base64 URL safe?
Yes, it is always safe.!!


You are accepting our terms and conditions by accessing this page, We don’t store any of the data or type of data on the website. This tool works on client side completely. We are no long response to any problem occur to you. If you are not bound our terms and then please don’t use our Base64 Encoder.

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Base64 Encoding is a group of binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation. If you have any queries related to this tool and then comment us below.

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