Bash:~ PIP Command Not Found in Linux! [Easy Fix]

Easy way to fix the pip command not found in Linux!

Fix: PIP Command Not Found Error


ip command not found in Linux: PIP can be expand as Pip Installs Packages and mainly used to install the Python Package Index in Linux.¬†Most distributions of Python come with pip preinstalled. Python 2.7.9, and Python 3.4 and later include pip (pip3 for Python 3) by default. In this article, we will see how to fix the error “PIP command not found“.

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Cause For PIP Command not found Error:

This error occurs if you are not installing the PIP package in your system otherwise, the installation process may be corrupted. You can find the version of PIP using the following command,

$pip --version

The output of the above command is,

[email protected]:~$ pip --version
pip 18.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip (python 2.7)
[email protected]:~$ 

The PIP version may change according to the version of pip that you installed. If you didn’t get the above output and then check for the below list:

  • The PIP installation process may be interrupted.
  • The PIP version may be a mismatch with your python version
  • Re-install the PIP version for python

How to Fix PIP Command not found Error:

You can fix the above error by following the below instructions:

  • You need to run the PIP installation command provided below
  • The below command will install pip on the earlier version of Ubuntu 16.04 & Ubuntu 14.04 only
$sudo easy_install pip

The above command will install the pip in Ubuntu 16.04 & 14.04 LTS.

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Install PIP on Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04 & Debian 10:

The above command that we mentioned won’t work on Ubuntu and Debian latest version. You need to use the below command to install the PIP in Ubuntu & Debian latest version.

$sudo apt-get install python-pip

Once the installation process got finished, you can check the version of the installed pip using the below command,

$pip -V

You will get this below output in the Linux Terminal,

[email protected]:~$ pip -V
pip 18.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip (python 2.7)
[email protected]:~$ 

If you want to upgrade the pip to the latest version and then use the below command,

$pip install -U pip

You can find more information about installing PIP on Debain 10.

How to Install PIP for Python 2, Python 3 on Debian 10?

The above steps will fix the “PIP command not found” error in your pc.


That’s friends. This guide will remove the “PIP command not found” error in your Linux PC. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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