Canonical Released Major Kernel Security Updates for all Ubuntu Releases

Canonical outs major Linux Security kernel updates for all Ubuntu versions

Canonical Releases new update
Canonical Releases new update


anonical released today the major security kernel update for all Ubuntu versions. The new kernel update address more than 30 security vulnerabilities.

On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS systems and 19.10 systems, the new kernel update fixes the flaws in Marvell WiFi-Ex and Marvell Libertas WLAN drivers, Fujitsu ES network device driver, Broadcom V3D DRI driver, Mellanox Technologies Innova driver, and Mellanox Technologies ConnectX driver.

Issues Resolved in the new Kernel Update:

  • kernel’s Intel WiMAX 2400 driver issues
  • Geschwister Schneider USB CAN interface driver issues
  • NetLink-based 802.11 configuration interface issues
  • Event tracking subsystem issues
  • the driver for memoryless force-feedback input devices issues
  • Microchip CAN BUS Analyzer driver issues
  • PEAK-System Technik USB driver issues
  • ALSA timer implementation issues
  • DesignWare USB3 controller driver issues

These are the extreme driver issues fixed in the new kernel update.

Patches the vulnerabilities found in the Linux Kernel:

The vulnerabilities patched for the Ubuntu releases such as Ubuntu 19.04 & Ubuntu 18.04: They are,

  • Linux kernel’s CIFS implementation issues are fixed
  • QLogic Fibre Channel driver issues are fixed
  • VirtualBox guest driver implementation issues are fixed
  • ADIS16400 IIO IMU driver issues are fixed
  • Intel OPA Gen1 Infiniband driver issues are fixed
  • AMD Audio CoProcessor driver issues are fixed.

Essential Drivers fixes:

  • Fix The Cascoda CA8210 SPI 802.15.4 wireless controller driver
  • Fix AMD Display Engine driver
  • Fix NXP PN533 NFC USB driver
  • Fix Chelsio T4/T5 RDMA driver
  • Fix DesignWare USB3 controller driver.

Users need to upgrade to the latest Linux Kernel version:

The Linux Kernel update is available to all the Ubuntu releases such as Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 19.04, Ubuntu 18.04 & Ubuntu 16.04 systems.

  • Ubuntu 19.10 using Linux Kernel 5.3 and need to update to the new version 5.3.0-26.28
  • Ubuntu 19.04 using Linux Kernel 5.0 and need to update to the new version 5.0.0-38.41
  • Ubuntu 18.04 using Linux Kernel 4.15 and need to update to the new version 4.15.0-74.84
  • Ubuntu 16.04 using Linux Kernel 4.4 and need to update to the new version 4.4.0-171.200
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That’s it. This is the major Kernel update ever released by the team Canonical. Kindly update the mentioned kernel versions. If you have any queries related to the news and then kindly comment us below.

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