Canonical Sponsoring Microsoft’s 1st Windows Subsystem For Linux Conference!

Ubuntu Announced, going to do presentations on WSL Conference!

WSL Conference


anonical Sponsors WSL Conference: The team Canonical is the founders of Ubuntu Linux Operating System. The team canonical announced that the team Canonical will be a featured as a sponsor on Microsoft’s 1st WSL Conference. This is the 1st conference held by Microsoft team for WSL.

The official WSL Conference is scheduled for March 10th-11th, 2020 at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington

We can expect that the conference will bring “Founders, Developers, Programmers, Community Members” from the WSL project.

At first, the team Canonical partnered with Microsoft in 2016 to bring “Bash“. Now, the new version of the bash has been evolved into the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). WSL is a stable version and available for all platforms. Ubuntu plays a leading role in the development of the WSL program.

Presentation Topics on WSL Conference:

  • Build, test, and deploy with Kubernetes on WSL
  • Accelerating Internet of Things development with WSL
  • The latest news from the WSL and Windows Terminal teams
  • Demos of WSL integration with Visual Studio and JetBrains IDEs
  • A technical deep-dive on the new WSL2-based Docker Desktop for Windows
  • Many More

Scheduled Speakers List:

  • Ben Hillis, Lead Software Engineer, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Microsoft
  • Kayla Cinnamon, Project Manager, New Windows Terminal, Microsoft
  • Hayden Barnes, Developer Advocate, Ubuntu on WSL, Canonical
  • Erika Sweet, Project Manager, Visual Studio, Microsoft

You can find the complete list of speakers and events scheduled on their official website: WSLCONF

News Source: Ubuntu Blog


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