Google Chrome Browser Review 2019- Verdict, Pros & Cons

The Review of Latest Google Chrome Browser Version

Chrome Browser
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4.7 out of 5
Mozilla Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome: This is the best browser on online. Google chrome have a greater compatibilty to work with many platforms of the devices like Desktop, Mobile, Tab, Smart Watch and more. This is a simple webpage that’s easy to use and browser. This Chrome browser uses “Chromium Engine”  which makes it more light and fast. The race b/w Mozilla and Chrome is almost close and so we declare that the Chrome and Mozilla are the best browser currently available on internet. We recommend this software browser to browse.

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Pros & Cons:

Pros: Simple Design, Faster Browsing, Highly secured & more compatible.

Cons: Under some test, it doesn’t perform well. Consumes more RAM space, some bugs in developer tools. 

Verdict: This is the best browser, We recommend you use this browser to browse through the internet. More safe, fast and highly device compatible. 


We ran some test manually, and able to get some conclusion. This Google Chrome browser is faster than many other browsers. This is due to the Chrome engine, Chrome uses the Chromium as the base and chromium is the fastest browser which makes the Chrome browser loads faster than other browsers.


On seeing with compatibility, Google Chrome is the “Top Notch”. This Chrome browser is available for devices like PC ( Windows, Linux & more), Mobile ( iOS, Android & Custom Android builds), Tablets & Smartwatches. By all the properties, We came to a conclusion that is Google Chrome has more compatibility than any other browser available on the internet.


Google Chrome is highly attached to Google products like Youtube, Gmail and more. Once you login to your Gmail account, This Chrome will maintain the login information for all Google-based products. This feature will reduce your precious time from preventing login every time for every product.

This Chrome browser will sync with your android and iOS mobiles makes more reliable and compatible to use. These are the Top notch features of this Chrome browser.


Google shows the major concern for users about security. In the recent updates of Chrome browser, almost most of the bugs have been fixed and enhances the HTTP and HTTPS protocols version. Google Chrome will mark the website having no SSL certificates as the “Not Safe for use”. Due to these many websites upgraded to “HTTPS” version.

Pop-up ads are blocked, in-built ad blocker enabled, block multiple downloads ( User review required ) & many more security features are added.


Google Chrome has the best ever online support. You have the option to add the screenshot and describe your problem to them, you will get a response from the with-in a day and they will solve your issue or query.

Not only for issues or problem, If you are new to Chrome, but you will also have greater support for exploring the Chrome browser. You can report an issue or any query to Chrome by simple Keyboard shortcut ” Alt+Shit+I “. They will solve your query as soon as possible.


We ran some test named as the Octane and HTML5Test. In this test, Chrome browser performed very well. We attached the result of the test that the Chrome browser performed.

Octane test
Octane test

Octane test: Octane 2.0 is a benchmark that measures a JavaScript engine’s performance by running a suite of tests representative of certain use cases in JavaScript applications.

HTML5Test: Which checks the HTML, CSS compatibility when the website loads.


On seeing many factors and test, This Google Chrome browser holds the name “Best Browser” in this year 2019. Clean interface, sync with multiple devices, advanced security and many other features helps Chrome work in the best way to users.

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Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the internet. Due to the clear interface and highly compatible makes it more easy to use and browse. After seeing all the possibilities, we provide a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for the Google Chrome Browser.

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