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Control Android Smartphone from Ubuntu system- How to do that using Ubuntu PC

Control your Android Smartphone using scrcpy on Linux Ubuntu and Ubuntu based Distros

Control Android from ubuntu


ontrol Android Phone from Ubuntu System: Ever wondered it is possible to control an Android Device from your Ubuntu Desktop? The answer is Yes and not only you can control, but also you can mirror your Android Smartphone on your Ubuntu PC or laptop. We are going to do that with the help of scrcpy application which is available for Ubuntu. In this article, we will see how to control your Android Smartphone from Ubuntu PC or Laptop.

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What is Scrcpy app and why do we need it?

Scrcpy is an Opensource cross-platform application that can be used to control Android devices from different Platforms. As it is a Cross-Platform application, this app is available not only for Linux but also available for Windows and macOS. This app is also available for Fedora and as well as Arch and can be installed using Snappy Package Manager.

We are going to use this Scrcpy app to Control Android phone from Ubuntu.

Features of Scrcpy Application:

  1. Scrcpy uses adb(android debug bridge) over TCP/IP to establish communication.
  2. You can Record the screen during mirroring.
  3. You can able to install android app on the phone from the Ubuntu Desktop itself.
  4. There are a number of shortcuts available to handle your phone from ubuntu effectively and easily.
  5. The Screen size can be reduced with the help of Scrcpy on Ubuntu.
  6. The bit rate can be changed manually.
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How to Install Scrcpy App on Linux Ubuntu 19.04/18.04.2 LTS- Using Terminal:

    • Open Terminal using CTRL + ALT + T.
    • Execute the following command to install Scrcpy app on Linux Ubuntu.
      $sudo snap install scrcpy
      Install Scrcpy on Ubuntu
      Install Scrcpy on Ubuntu

The above command will install Scrcpy Application on your Ubuntu System. Kindly Enter your Password to authenticate the installation process.

Scrcpy does not have a Front end and hence runs on the Terminal

Establish Mirroring of Android on Ubuntu using Scrcpy App:

Now that we have installed the Scrcpy app on Ubuntu, next is to set up our Android phone.

Note: Make sure you have Android 5.0 or Higher Versions
  1. Connect your Android Smartphone to the Ubuntu system via USB Cable.
  2. Make sure your phone and Ubuntu system are connected to the same WiFi Network.
  3. Go to Settings on your Android Phone and Turn on Developer Mode.
  4. Now, go to Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging.
    Enable USB Debugging
    Enable USB Debugging
  5. Allow USB Debugging Info message will pop-up. Tap OK.
    USB Debugging Info Message
    USB Debugging Info Message
  6. As you are connected to the Ubuntu system, you need to confirm your System’s RSA fingerprint. Also, select “Always allow from this computer“. Finally, Tap on OK.
    Note: If the RSA key does not shows up then try unplugging the USB cable and then connect it again without changing the above settings that we made and then execute the command scrcpy on the terminal. you will now be prompted with the RSA key.
    Allow USB Debugging
    Allow USB Debugging
  7. Now that we have configured our Android Phone, Open Terminal and execute the following command.
  8. You will now get the Push Info along with the rendered resolution and then you can see your Android Phone mirrored on the Ubuntu system.
    Push & Resolution info from Scrcpy
    Push & Resolution info from Scrcpy
  9. You can find the emulator opened by now and rendering your Android Phone on your Ubuntu System.
    Control Android from ubuntu
    Control Android from ubuntu
  10. That is it. Now we have established the communication between Ubuntu and Android Phone and established the Mirroring of Android device on Ubuntu.
    Control Android from ubuntu
    Control Android from ubuntu

How to Control your Android Device from Ubuntu using Scrcpy App:

In this section, we will see how to control the Android device that is connected to the Ubuntu system through the scrcpy app.

Scrcpy does not have a Front end. Hence we will be controlling our Android device through the Scrcpy app that is running on the Terminal. At any instant, to stop Mirroring, use the shortcut CTRL + C on the Terminal

To Render Full Screen of the Android Device:

$scrcpy -f

To show Physical touches made on the Phone:

$scrcpy -t

To Turn Off your Android Screen from Ubuntu:

$scrcpy -S

To Record Your Android Screen from Ubuntu:

$scrcpy -r filename.mkv
Note: to use mp4 format, follow the syntax scrcpy -r filename.mp4

To Disable Mirroring while Recording the Android Screen:

This is different from the above option. If you simply use the recording option, Mirroring will also happen and hence it may result in some quality loss. To overcome that, you can turn off mirroring while recording. The following is the command to disable mirroring while recording the screen.

$scrcpy -Nr file.mkv

To get Help menu from Scrcpy:

scrcpy –help

Other Shortcuts related to Controlling Android Device from Ubuntu:

CTRL + fEnable Full-Screen Mode
CTRL + nExpand Notification Panel
CTRL + SHIFT + nCollapse Notification Panel
CTRL + oTurn off Device Screen but Continue Mirroring on PC

Other than the above shortcuts, there are a number of shortcuts available which can be listed using the command scrcpy –help

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  1. this looks very interesting. however, my galaxy s10 does not have a developer mode; only developer options. in the options there is only ‘log error level’, ‘show tts output’ and ‘node tree debugging’. any ideas??

    • Yes, I understand. Actually, you have to enable the Developer Mode first. To do so, please go to Settings–>About Phone–>Software Information–>Build Number.
      Tap on the Build number for a number of times before Developer Mode pop-up appears. Kindly enter your Android Password to start that. Once you have done that, then you will find USB Debugging on the Developer Options.

      Note: If the above path is not available, then try using Settings–>About Phone–>Kernel Versions.

      Kindly Comment Us if you want any more clarification.
      Thank you!!

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