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Convert HTML Markup Language to Markdown Language which is the Lightest langauge

Convert HTML to Markdown Language:

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Why do we need an HTML to MarkDown Converter?

The first and foremost reason is that Markdown is extremely simpler than HTML and thereby making it the lightest language. Instead of using the Tags of HTML which already is a simpler one, Markdown is made way simpler by using User-friendly Punctuations. Look at the following example which will give a clear idea about Markdown Language.

Example: HTML uses <h2> for heading tag whereas Markdown uses ##. It is that simple.

Sample HTML Code:

<title>Welcome to Tec Robust</title>
<h2>AI is the Future</h2>
<p>Tec Robust is an Information Dock</p>
<li>Web Apps</li>

What is Markdown Language?

Markdown is a simple and the Lightest language which was created as an Alternative for HTML. With Markdown language, users can create web pages without having any idea about HTML. It is also used to organize Notes.

How does Tec Robust’s HTML to MarkDown Converter work?

  • Paste the HTML Code on the Form and Click on the Convert to Markdown Button. The Conversion will happen instantly and you can find them on the output form.
  • If you have another HTML Code to be converted, then click on the Reset Button and you will get an Input Form and then paste the HTML Code and convert it to Markdown Language.
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Features of this Tool:

  • This tool is completely Free to Use.
  • The Conversion happens Instantly.
  • User-Friendly Mobile Version.
  • User Data is not stored and hence Privacy is well maintained.

Get in Touch with Us:

Convert HTML to Markdown Tool is used to simplify HTML Codes to Markdown Language which allows users to work on Blogs and Websites even without having an idea about Markup languages. If you have any Query with this Web App then Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution soon. For instant Solutions, Connect to us through our Forum!!

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