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oundCloud is named as one of the largest music, songs streaming services around the world. Soundcloud enables the users to upload their own songs with artwork with their own copyrights. As a result, 120+ million users using Soundcloud every month. By purchasing the Soundcloud pro package, you will able to play the SoundCloud songs offline. It will cost you around 4.99$ to 9.99$ every month. Paying the Subscription will also enable the feature of playing songs in 320kbps version and where free version will stream 128kbps version only.

It is possible to download Soundcloud sons in 320kbps version by purchasing the pro package. Is it possible to download SoundCloud songs without the subscription? And the answer is Yes, Fortunately, we added some list of best Soundcloud Downloader & SoundCloud to Mp3 Converters which works online and having compatibility in Ubuntu Linux PC.

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List of Best SoundCloud Downloader & SoundCloud To Mp3 Converters:

  1. Klickaud – SoundCloud Downloader
  2. SoundCloud Mp3
  3. SoundPump
  5. – SoundCloud Downloader
  6. SoundLoud – Not Working Now
  7. Anything to Link no longer provided due to policies of


Which is the best SoundCloud Downloader?




KlickAud- SoundCloud Downloader:


Klickaud is the Best SoundCloud Downloader in Online among all the remaining one. Due to the simple process of downloading Soundcloud Songs, beautiful interface, fast loading time and allows you to download more than 2 hours of Soundcloud song in a single click makes this Klickaud as the Best SoundCloud Downloader ever.

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How Does KlickAud Works:

If you insist to download SoundCloud songs, Then the most prior choice will be the KlickAud website. If you are new to this and the below steps will help you to learn to use this Soundcloud Downloader.

  • Copy the SoundCloud URL or Soundcloud Playlist URL
  • Open Klickaud Website
  • In the form, Paste the copied URL
  • Click the Download button
  • Now, on the next page, you will able to see the Download links of the song & Artwork. Above to this, you will able to see the Name & Artwork of the song.
  • Click on the Download Song Button
  • In a few seconds, the requested Soundcloud Song will be downloaded in your Linux PC.

Which is the Best SoundCloud to Mp3 Converters Online:

The term Soundcloud to mp3 represents the conversion of SoundCloud songs into mp3 formats offline. The list of above websites doing this process also and which is similar to the downloading of Soundcloud songs. But, in the case of Mp3 Converters, we will suggest you go with the or SoundCloud Downloader SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Mp3

SoundCloud Mp3Why the above websites are the best Soundcloud Converters? The answer is that this website provides mp3 conversion better than all and additionally, These websites can be translated into 18+ languages. This features will help the users from all around the world having languages differ from English.

Best Alternatives For KlickAud:

Without any definition, “” & “” will be the best alternate for KA. These two allows you to download your favorite tracks and songs from SoundCloud in a high high-quality. Similar to Klickaud, just put the tracks URL into the field and hit the Download button.

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It’s worth noting that using a Downloader like outlined above isn’t recommended. While it will get you what you want, you’re doing it without permission from the creator. There’s a reason why the creator didn’t make their song or track downloadable in the first place, and that’s probably because they didn’t want to give the source file to the world. That said, if you want the audio track or song that bad, it’s best to reach out to the creator before taking things into your own hands and downloading the track with a downloader.


As you see, It is very easy to download Soundcloud tracks from online using the listed websites. By using the above website, it enables the downloading feature for all types of the operating system includes Windows, Mac & Linux. Follow the steps above to save the Soundcloud song in your Linux PC, Apple iPod or Windows Desktop.

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