How To Install Eric python IDE Using Snap in Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 & 16.04

Install Eric python IDE in Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS & More

Eric Python IDE


ric python IDE: This Eric Python IDE is a full-fledged & featured Python code editor and IDE. The Eric is written in python language and based on the cross-platform QT UI toolkit. This Eric Python IDE and editor having the feature of integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. Usually, this editor is not the best in its interface and design but in this update, developers gave more concern to the GUI and provided us the best interface and quality. This Eric Python IDE can be used as the professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python offers the professional coder.

Eric Python IDE
Eric Python IDE

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Install Eric Python IDE on Ubuntu 19.04 using Snap:

With the help of snap, it is very easy to install the Eric Python on Ubuntu 19.04, You just need to copy the below codes and paste it on the terminal of your Ubuntu and then click “Enter” to execute the command. Then Eric Python IDE will successfully installed in your system. You can access the Eric IDE from the “All Apps” menu. In the below list you may able to get the installation command for all the version of Eric Python IDE.

Note: Snap is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and Higher Versions. If you using Older version or for any reasons, use the following command to install snap manually.

$sudo apt install snapd

Install Eric Python IDE Stable Version:

$sudo snap install eric-ide --classic
Eric Python IDE
Installation Command

Install Eric Python IDE Candidate Version:

$sudo snap install eric-ide --candidate --classic

Install Eric Python IDE Beta Version:

$sudo snap install eric-ide --beta --classic

Install Eric Python IDE EdgeVersion:

$sudo snap install eric-ide --edge --classic

The above commands will install the Eric IDE in your Ubuntu 19.04. If you want to remove the IDE from your Linux PC and then you need to follow the below steps.

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Remove Eric Python IDE on Ubuntu 19.04:

$sudo snap remove eric-ide
Eric Python IDE
Remove Eric Python IDE

The above command will remove the ERIC python IDE Classic edition from your Linux PC. If you want to remove all other versions you just need to replace the classic into the respective editions. It will take a few minutes to remove.

Features of Eric Python IDE:

This Eric deals with 6 major features and they are:

  • Source code editing
  • GUI designing
  • Debugging, checking, testing and documenting
  • Version control
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Other

There are many minor features that Eric IDE deals which come under the major feature category.

Source code editing Features:

  1. Unlimited number of editors
  2. Configurable window layout
  3. Configurable syntax highlighting
  4. Sourcecode autocompletion
  5. Sourcecode call tips
  6. Sourcecode folding
  7. Brace matching
  8. Error highlighting
  9. Advanced search functionality including project-wide search and replace
  10. Integrated class browser
  11. Integrated profiling and code coverage support

These are the minor features that Eric IDE deals under Source Code Edition Features.

GUI designing Features:

Integration of Qt Designer, a Graphical user interface builder for the creation of Qt-based Graphical user interfaces

Debugging, checking, testing and documenting Features:

  1. Integrated graphical python debugger which supports both interactive probings while suspended and auto breaking on exceptions as well as debugging multi-threaded and multiprocessing applications
  2. Integrated automatic code checkers (syntax, errors and style, PEP-8) for static program analysis as well as the support of Pylint via plug-in
  3. Integrated source code documentation system
  4. Integrated unit testing support by having the option to run python code with command-line parameters
  5. Integrated interface to the enchant spell checking the library
    Application diagrams
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These are the minor features that Eric IDE deals under Debugging, checking, testing and documenting Features.

Version control Features:

Integrated version control support for Mercurial and Subversion repositories (as core plug-ins) and git (as an optional plug-in)

Project management and collaboration:

  1. Advanced project management facilities
  2. Integrated task management with a self-updating To-do list
  3. Integrated cooperation functions (chat, shared editor)

These are the minor features that Eric IDE deals under Project management and collaboration Features.

Other Essential Features:

  1. Integrated web browser
  2. Integrated support for Django (as an optional plug-in)
  3. Running external applications from within the IDE
  4. Interactive Python shell including syntax highlighting and autocompletion
  5. Integrated CORBA support based on omniORB
  6. Integrated rope refactoring tool (as an optional plug-in)
  7. Integrated interface to cx_freeze (as an optional plug-in)
  8. Many integrated wizards for regex and Qt dialogs (as core plug-ins)
  9. Tools for previewing Qt forms and translations

These are the minor features that Eric IDE deals under Other Essential Features.

Screenshots of Eric Python IDE:

Eric Python IDE
Eric Python IDE
Taking Snapshots
Eric Python IDE
Loaded Plugins
Eric Python IDE


Eric Python IDE is considerably good comparing with other Python IDE. In the latest Version, this Eric IDE has many essential features which make it more useful than previously. So We gave the best rating for this application and suggest you use this on your Ubuntu 19.04.

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Install Eric Python IDE: The Simple Tutorial to install Eric Python IDE on Ubuntu 19.04 using Snap. Best Python IDE for Linux Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04.

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