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Extract Text from HTML- Get the Textual Contents from the HTML Codes

Get all the Text Contents from the Given HTML- Simply a HTML to Text Converter

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How does “Extract Text from HTML” Tool of Tec Robust Works?

Extract Text from HTML is a simple tool that is used to extract all the text contents from the given HTML Code. To be more clear, it segregates all the contents that are tagged under <h1> to <h6> and from <p>, title tags and more and displays them as the output. This tool can be used for users who want to get rid of all the HTML codes and extract only the Textual Contents.

After the Extraction, if you wish to use the tool again to extract another HTML or for any reason, then click on the Reset button and you can see the Form is ready for the next input. It is that simple.

Sample HTML Code:

<title>Welcome to Tec Robust</title>
<h2>AI is the Future</h2>
<p>Tec Robust is an Information Dock</p>

Key features of “Extact Text from HTML” Tool:

The following are the key points that makes this tool from Tec Robust a very best one.

  • This is a Free tool.
  • Extraction from HTML Happens Instantly.
  • No need to create an account(Signup) to use the tool.
  • No Data is stored on our side and hence User Privacy is well maintained.
  • User-Friendly Mobile Version makes it flawless for users to use.
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Get in Touch with Us:

Extract Text from HTML is an easy and well-established tool from Tec Robust which can be used to extract Textual contents from the given HTML Code. If you have any Query with this Web App, Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP. Use our FORUM for instant solutions!!

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