Fedora 31 is out and available for Download!!

Fedora Projects released the Latest Fedora 31 and it is available for Download

Fedora 31 released


edora 31: Fedora recently launched their latest release that is the Fedora 31 for Workstations and Servers. Fedora Projects launched the latest release Fedora 31 on October 29, 2019. The latest release is the most advanced Fedora Release and a lot of features has been added with this release. You can download Fedora 31(For both WorkStations and Servers) from Official Fedora using the following links.

32-bit architecture is suspended from Fedora 31. However, the 32-bit users will receive support until the life cycle of Fedora 30 that is June 2020.

Download Fedora 31 from Official Fedora:

Fedora 31 Download
Fedora 31 Download                                                                Image Courtesy: Official Fedora

The following links will guide you to the official download links of Fedora 31. Fedora 31 is now available for both WorkStations and Servers. It can be downloaded using the following links.

Features of Fedora 31:

  1. Latest NodeJS 12 and Glibc2.30 has been added to the latest Fedora 31.
  2. Python command has now been switched to Python 3.
  3. Fedora 31 Server edition is loaded with the state of the art open-source server software.
  4. Fedora Toolbox: Powerful tool for managing workspace containers.


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