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How to Restart Apache Server on Ubuntu Server DigitalOcean?

The most commonly used method to restart the Apache server on Ubuntu is:

$ sudo service apache2 restart

The above command will help you restart the Apache server have the Ubuntu version after 14.04.

To restart the Apache servers have the Ubuntu version before 14.04 and then follow the below command:

$ sudo restart apache2

These two commands are more enough to restart your Apache server mainly hosted on DigitalOcean servers. If you still have queries related to this topic and we suggest you read this article " 5+ ways to Restart your Apache Server "

You can use the following command to restart the Apache Server:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

sudo systemctl restart apache2

sudo apache2ctl graceful-stop

The above commands will work only after Ubuntu 14.04 version only!