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How to Take Screenshot in Ubuntu using Keyboard Shortcuts?

Is there any particular way to take screenshots in Ubuntu PC using Keyboard Shortcuts?


I'm using Ubuntu 19.10, I'm currently using the "Print Screen" button in the keyboard to take the screenshot. But it captures the whole screen always. I need to take a screenshot for a specific location (not the whole screen and only the selected area). How to do?


Yes, you can take a screenshot for the selected area in Ubuntu using Gnome Screenshot. Follow the below instructions,

  • Prt Scrn - Take a screenshot for a desktop
  • Alt + Prt Scrn - Allows you take a screenshot only the current window
  • Shift + Prt Scrn - Allows you to take a screenshot of the selected area.

The above mention list is the keyboard shortcuts for taking the screenshot using the Gnome Screenshot app on the Ubuntu PC.