FWUPD 1.3.1 Released with Gnome 3.34 Version On September 13th!

FWUPD 1.3.1 Released


wupd 1.3.1 Released: Rechard, the maintainer of Gnome software announced today morning about FWUPD version 1.3.1 launched with Gnome 1.3.1. On September 13th FWUPD, 1.3.1 version has launched. The newer version of fwupd contains a lot of updates and imporvements.

The important list of features of fwupd 1.3.1 version is:

  • Add support for the Minnowboard Turbot
  • Add support for the SoloKey Secure
  • Add support for thunderbolt kernel safety checks
  • Add support to integrate into the motd
  • Allow filtering devices when using the command line tools
  • Allow setting custom flags when using fwupdate
  • Many more.

This version fixes bugs such as:

  • Add aliases for get-upgrades and upgrade
  • Allow disabling SSL strict mode for broken corporate proxies
  • Be more accepting when trying to recover a failed database migration
  • Do not segfault when trying to quit the downgrade selection
  • Fix a possible crash when stopping the fwupd service
  • Fix incomplete hex file parsing in the unifying plugin
  • Fix thunderbolt logic to work properly with ICL thunderbolt controller
  • Never show AppStream markup on the console
  • Many More.

You can find more information about fwupd 1.3.1 feature and bug fixes details on:!msg/fwupd/16wWdf5dIDw/2Qes5mkoAgAJ

Gnome Firmware is mainly designed to be a not-installed-by-default power-user tool to investigate, upgrade, downgrade and reinstall the firmware. GNOME Software will continue to be used for updates as before.

Gnome 3.34
Gnome 3.34

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You can find more information about this release on the official Gnome Firmware release Website:

If you want to try the new version and then you can download the file from the below link:

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He says that it will take 10 seconds to install the new update. If you have any queries and then feel free to comment on us.

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