How install the MicroStack on Linux Kubuntu 19.10?

Develop and test the Open Stack Workloads using Micro Stack!!

Install microstack on Kubuntu

What is MicroStack?


icroStack gives you an easy way to develop and test OpenStack workloads on your system or in a virtual machine.OpenStack is  consists of a collection of open-source projects and OpenStack can be used for both private and public clouds.MicroStack provides a single or multi-node OpenStack deployment which can run directly on your workstation. It is also suitable for edge, IoT, and appliances. Let’s discuss the easy installation steps to Install MicroStack on Kubuntu 19.10.

We install the latest edge version of MicroStack which is the latest version as of today.

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Guidelines to Install MicroStack on Kubuntu 19.10:

The stable version for the MicroStack is currently not available. Install the edge or beta version on your system.
  • Use the shortcut cut key CTRL+ALT+T to launch the Konsole.
  • Copy the command and execute it on your Konsole.
  • Now, type your system password to authenticate the installation.
sudo snap install microstack --edge
Install MicroStack for Kubuntu
Install MicroStack for Kubuntu

MicroStack Beta version:

sudo snap install microstack --classic --beta

Configure the OpenStack and Launch the Virtual Machine – MicroStack:

  • Press the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Copy the following command and execute it.

Configure networks and OpenStack databases:

sudo microstack.init --auto

Launch a Virtual Machine:

microstack.launch cirros --name test

That’s all your OpenStack is ready.

Try these commands to enable and disable the MicroStack when it is not in use.

sudo snap disable microstack

sudo snap enable microstack

Remove/Uninstall MicroStack from Kubuntu:

  • Launch the terminal using the shortcut cut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Copy the below-mentioned command and use it.
  • Enter the system password correctly to remove it from your system.
sudo snap remove microstack
Remove MicroStack on Kubuntu
Remove MicroStack on Kubuntu

Features of MicroStack:

  1. Reliable, small, ready to go and fast installation.
  2. Secure: Runs safely on your system.
  3. Upstream: Pure upstream OpenStack delivered to your system.
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We wish that the above article guided you with the easy steps to Install, Launch and Remove the MicroStack on Kubuntu 19.10. Please mention your queries in the comment section and your valued suggestions are always welcome. Keep learning with us. Thank you for visiting our website Tec Robust!!

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