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Easiest way to change user password in Ubuntu!

Change User Password in Linux


hange User Password in Linux: You can easily change the User or Root password in Linux. In this tutorial, we added the information about changing the user password in Linux.

Find User in Linux:

To change the password, you need to find the user account that you logged in your PC. Find the user using the below command:


The above command will show you the User id that currently logged in your PC.

Finding the User
Finding the User

The above image shows the “user-id” that currently logged in on your PC.

Changing Linux User Password:

You can simply change the password through the Linux Terminal. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Terminal CTRL + ALT + T
  • Copy the below command,
  • Enter the above command and hit the “Enter” button
  • Now, the terminal will ask you to enter the current password of your PC.
Enter old password
Enter old password
  • Now it will ask you to enter the new password (Enter strong password)
  • Enter the new password and re-type the new password if it asks.
Password changed in Linux
Password changed in Linux
  • That’s it, The Password for the current user has changed now.
  • Restart your pc and log in to your account with the new password.


That’s it. This is the easiest way to change the user password in Linux through the Linux terminal. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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