How to Clear Temporary Files or Purge Trash in Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.10

Best way to remove temporary files in Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04 & 19.10

Clear Temporary Files


lear Temporary Files: Is it possible to clear temporary files in Ubuntu? The answer is Yes!!. In this article, we will show you that how to clear temporary files or purging trash files automatically in Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04 & 19.10. Lets get into the article.

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Clear Temporary files in Ubuntu:

There is a way to delete the temporary files in Ubuntu automatically. You can enable the option and Ubuntu will delete the temporary files automatically from your PC. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open All Apps Menu
  • Go to Settings
Open Settings
Open Settings
  • Open Settings
  • In the search bar, type as “Privacy
  • And click the privacy option
Go to Privacy option
Go to Privacy option
  • In that, you need to turn on the option “Purge & Temporary Files
Purge options
Purge options
  • You need to turn on the options “Automatically empty Trash & Automatically Purge Temporary Files“. You can set the date to automate the process as shown in the above image
  • If you want to do immediate purge, then click the buttons named “Empty Trash… & Purge Temporary Files…” as shown in the above image.

That’s it. Once you finished the configuration, close the tab and you may see the option¬†Purge & Temporary Files has been turned on.


That’s it, folks. This is how you can clear temporary files and purge trashes in Ubuntu. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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