How to Connect Digital Ocean Server Using Putty Software

Putty SSH Connection establishment on Windows PC.

Putty Software

Putty: It is a Secured SSH software mainly used to connect to the server. Which is officially developed by Simon Tatham especially for Windows platform. This putty is an open source software.


This article explains how to connect to the Digital Ocean servers using Putty software. Step by step instructions with images is included in this tutorial. If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

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Download Putty Software:

As we said earlier, Putty is an open source software and so many of developers combined ideas and enhancement resulted in this software. Putty software is available for different platforms which include Linux & Mac OS. You can find the list of distributions here

Download Putty 64-bit Edition:

The above link will redirects you the putty website and there you can download the official version of a Putty application in your Windows 64 bit pc.

Download Putty 32-bit Edition:

The above link will redirects you the putty website and there you can download the official version of a Putty application in your Windows 32 bit pc.

Note: We don’t host any files in our server. The Download link will automatically redirect to the official Putty Download page. We are not responsible for this Download Link.

Open Putty Software:

Putty Interface
Putty Interface

Click the putty software double times and the Putty application will launch on the screen. The above image shows the interface of the Putty for Windows.

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Connect to Digital Ocean Server:

Now, it is the time to connect to Digital Ocean Server using putty application. This putty application can be used for any other service provider like AWS, Azure and Ali Baba. Here we using the Digital Ocean server for the example purpose and Digital Ocean is one of the best shared hosting providers.

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  • Login to your Digital Ocean Account
Login to Digital Ocean Account
Login to Digital Ocean Account
  • In your project section, you may able to see the IP address of your server and click on the IP address to copy the code.
IP Address of server
IP Address of the server
  • Paste the IP Address in the putty software
Paste the IP Address
Paste the IP Address
  • Enter the value “22” in the port section
  • Select the “SSH” option in the “Connection type” section
  • Now click the Open button.

Now, you need to enter the username id of your server and by following you will be asked to enter the password of the username to access the server.

Putty login
Putty login

After entering the password button, hit the enter button to access your Digital Ocean server.


This is the simple and most secure method to connect your server through the terminal. If you want to connect to your server through the FTP and then we suggest you use the WinScp Application to connect to your server.

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