How to Enable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine?

Fast and Quick way to enable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10

Enable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10


nable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10: Ubuntu 19.10 is another major relase from Canonical. Ubuntu 19.10 is codenamed as Eoan Ermine. We can expect that Ubuntu 19.10 will be released today (Oct 17 2019). However, they released the Ubuntu 19.10 Developer edition as a pre-release. This Ubuntu 19.10 comes with many major updates and tweaks. The Dark Mode is one of the tweaks comes with “Ubuntu 19.10″. In this article, we added the information about enabling Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine.

Enable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10:

By default, there is no option to enable dark mode in Ubuntu 19.10 but, you can enable the dark mode with Ubuntu Tweaks utility. The Ubuntu Tweaks utility is also developed by the canonical to enabling small and essential tweaks in the Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu Gnome Tweak Utility:

You can install the Gnome Tweak utility using the below command:

$sudo apt update
$sudo add-apt-repository universe
$sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
Install Gnome Tweak Tool
Install Gnome Tweak Tool

Once the installation process finished you can find the Gnome Tweak utility in All Apps Menu.

Gnome Tweak Tool
Gnome Tweak Tool

How to Enable Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10 Using Gnome Tweaks?

  • Open Gnome Tweaks Utility in your Ubuntu system
  • Now go to the “Appearance” tab

Appearance Tab

    Appearance Tab
  • In the Themes section, The “Yaru-light” theme will be selected by default.
Yaru-Light Appearance
Yaru-Light Appearance
  • To enable dark mode, you need to change the option from the “yaru-light” to the “yaru-dark” option.
Yaru-Dark option
Yaru-Dark option
  • That’s it, you successfully enabled the dark mode in Ubuntu 19.10
  • This dark appearance will appear in most of the places such as “Settings, Menu, Ubuntu Store & Gnome Task Manage, etc..
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Use of Dark Mode:

  • If you are using the Ubuntu 19.10 in Laptop, then it will save you a lot of battery power.
  • The dark mode seems very pleasant and so you can use the Ubuntu system much longer
  • More efficient apps performance.
  • Many more.

Opt-out Dark Mode;

If you don’t want to use the dark mode then you can opt-out it by changing the theme as “yaru-light” in the gnome tweaks. But we recommend you stick with the Dark mode. It is efficient and useful at night time.


That’s it. This is how you enable the Dark Mode in Ubuntu 19.10 using Gnome Tweak Tool. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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