How to Enable Fingerprint Login in Ubuntu 19.10, 19.04 & 18.04?

Enable Fingerprint Login in Ubuntu: In this article, we will discuss about how to enable Fingerprint login on your Ubuntu 19.10 systems. Kindly follow the information provided below.
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Methods Available to Enable Fingerprint Login
Install Fingerprint-GUI application
Fingerprint Enrollment
Testing the Fingerprint Login
Enable Fingerprint using Default steps in Ubuntu 19.10
Remove/Uninstall Fingerprint-GUI
Methods Available to Enable Fingerprint Login:
There are two different methods available to enable Fingerprint login on your Ubuntu systems and they are:

Using Fingerprint-GUI utility {Recommended Method}
Using Default Settings on Ubuntu
Below we will see how to enable Fingerprint using the above two methods.

Install Fingerprint-GUI application {Recommended Method}:
First, you need to install the “Fingerprint-GUI” utility on your Ubuntu system. To do it follow the steps.

Open the Terminal, copy the command and paste in the terminal
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fingerprint/fingerprint-gui
Add Repository
Add Repository

The above command adds a repository on your Ubuntu systems to install the fingerprint-gui utility.

Copy the next command & execute it
sudo apt-get update
Package Updates
Package Updates
The above command will update all of your system packages

Copy the installation command and execute it
sudo apt-get install libbsapi policykit-1-fingerprint-gui fingerprint-gui
Fingerprint GUI installation Command
Fingerprint GUI installation Command
Launch Fingerprint-GUI utility:
Open All Apps Menu
In the search bar, enter “Fingerprint-GUI”
The application will appear on your screen
Tap on the icon to launch the application.
Fingerprint-GUI utility app
Fingerprint-GUI utility app
Fingerprint Enrollment:
The Fingerprint-GUI application will appear on your screen.

Fingerprint-GUI application
Fingerprint-GUI application
Note: If the application says “No Devices Found!” error and then you need to restart your system to fix this.
Once you restarted your system, the Fingerprint-GUI utility will read your Fingerprint scanner connected to your system.

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Devices Found
Devices Found
You can choose your own Fingerprint scanner using the “Rescan” option.

Choosing the Finger:
Once the fingerprint scanner detected, click the “Next” button to enroll your finger.

Fingers Enrolment
Fingers Enrolment
Switch to the “Finger” option. It will show you the fingers already enrolled and the finger is not enrolled.

The Green Radio buttons show the already enrolled fingers. Now you need to select the finger to enroll your finger.

Scanning & Verifying:
Now you need to switch to the Scan/Verify option. Here you can enroll your finger.

Enrolling Fingers
Enrolling Fingers
It will take a few seconds to complete the scan. Once it got completed, your fingerprint image will appear on your screen, you can do rescan to get a clear image of your fingerprint. Once you selected your fingerprint and then click the Next Button to complete the enrolment. You can acquire new enrolment to override the old fingerprint!

Acquire New Fingerprint
Acquire New Fingerprint
That’s it. You have successfully enrolled your fingerprint on the Fingerprint-GUI application. Now it is the time to test it out.

Testing the Fingerprint Login:
Switch to the “Settings” option. You can choose your fingerprint to log in to your system by enabling the PAM settings. Chose your PAM option correctly and then click the “Test” button to test the fingerprint scanning.

Testing Fingerprint Scanning
Testing Fingerprint Scanning
If you use the correct finger to test it out. The application will authenticate your Fingerprints.

Authentication Successful
Authentication Successful
That’s it, you have successfully enabled the Fingerprint login to your Ubuntu 19.10 system.

Enable Fingerprint using Default steps in Ubuntu 19.10:
This method will not work for all the devices. Ubuntu does not support major types of Fingerprint scanners available on the market. This is the best alternative and official way to enable the Fingerprint login on your Ubuntu systems.

Open the “Settings” option
Go to the “Users” option
Press on Disabled option, next to Fingerprint Login to add a fingerprint for the selected account.
Follow the instructions provided in the manual
Slowly move your finger in 360° over the Fingerprint scanner
The dialog will say “Done” message once it got completed
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That’s it. This is how you can enable fingerprint login on your Ubuntu 19.10 system.

Remove/Uninstall Fingerprint-GUI:
You can uninstall the Fingerprint-GUI application from your Ubuntu PC, kindly follow the steps:

Open the terminal and copy the command and execute it to uninstall the Fingerprint-GUI application from your system.
sudo apt-get remove fingerprint-gui
Uninstalling Fingerprint-GUI