Fix~Error: System does not fully support snapd on Fedora 31!

How to fix snap apps installation error on Fedora 31?

Fix~Error: System does not fully support snapd on Fedora 31


rror: System does not fully support snapd: When the snappy package module is not installed on your system, this error will occur on your Fedora 31 system. To fix this issue, kindly follow the instructions that we provided in this article.

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Cause of error?

Newly updated Fedora 31 system misses or disabled the Snappy installer package. This is the main cause and this error will not let you install any snap packages on your Fedora system. In the coming steps, we will help you to fix the System does not fully support snapd Error.

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo snap install fast
error: system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using "squashfs": mount:
   /tmp/sanity-mountpoint-322815779: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,
   missing codepage or helper program, or other error.

How to fix this error?

Fixing this error will take less than a minute and so kindly follow the below steps carefully!

  • You need to run the following command.
  • Make sure that your system prints the following output.
[[email protected] ~]$ sestatus
SELinux status:                 enabled
SELinuxfs mount:                /sys/fs/selinux
SELinux root directory:         /etc/selinux
Loaded policy name:             targeted
Current mode:                   enforcing
Mode from config file:          enforcing
Policy MLS status:              enabled
Policy deny_unknown status:     allowed
Memory protection checking:     actual (secure)
Max kernel policy version:      31
[[email protected] ~]$ 

If your system receives the above output and then try to run the below command.

sudo semodule -i /usr/share/selinux/packages/snappy.pp.bz2

The above command will install and enable the snappy.pp.bz2 file on your Fedora system. Now you need to restart your Fedora system using the following command.

sudo reboot

Now, the error will be removed from your system and you can able to install the snap packages on your Fedora system!

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Snap packages installing on Fedora 31
Snap packages installing on Fedora 31


If you have any queries related to this Error: System does not fully support snapd on Fedora 31 article and then kindly comment us below.


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  1. Hello. I followed these steps, but received this message, after running “sudo semodule -i /usr/share/selinux/packages/snappy.pp.bz2”

    Conflicting name type transition rules
    Binary policy creation failed at /var/lib/selinux/targeted/tmp/modules/200/container/cil:1784
    Failed to generate binary
    semodule: Failed!

    • Hey Leonardo, try the below command:

      $ sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-55c4c11e98

      Then, you need to enable the snappy.pp.b2 package. Don’t forget to restart your system.

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