How To Increase Mouse/Touchpad Speed in Linux?

Easy ways to accelerate your Mouse/Touchpad speed in Linux

Increase Mouse Speed Linux


ncrease Mouse/Touchpad Speed in Linux: Is there a way to accelerate the Mouse/Touchpad speed in Linux? The answer is Yes. In this article, we provided the detailed steps to increase or decrease the Mouse Speed in Linux. Additionally, we added the installation method of Gnome Tweaks helps you enable more additional Mouse/Touchpad Settings in your Linux PC.

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Increase Mouse/Touchpad Speed in Linux:

You can increase the speed in the traditional way. Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Now go to the Touchpad/Mouse Option
  • Adjust the Mouse Speed scroll bar to increase the speed or decrease the speed of your Mouse.
Mouse Acceleration Setting
Mouse Acceleration Setting

The above method is the traditional way to increase the Acceleration of Mouse/Touchpad in Linux.

Install Gnome Tweaks in Linux:

If you want to explore more additional options for Touchpad/Mouse and then Gnome Tweaks is the best option to enable the options. Follow the below instructions to install and access the Gnome Tweaks.

Open the Terminal and paste the below command.

$sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

It will ask you to enter the password, Provide the password and complete the installation method. Once the installation process got completed and then launch the Gnome Tweaks using the below command.


The Gnome-Tweaks window will appear on your screen.

Mouse/Touchpad Settings
Mouse/Touchpad Settings

Tweaks Available For Mouse/Touchpad using Gnome Tweaks:

  • Acceleration Profile– You can set the acceleration profiles such as “Default or Adaptive or Flat
  • Pointer Location– Enabling this option will help you identify the Mouse Cursor location by pressing the CTRL-key.
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Gnome Tweaks for mouse and touchpad
Gnome Tweaks for mouse and touchpad
  • Disable While Typing– You can enable this option will disable the mouse pad while typing.
  • Middle Click Pasting– This option will help you paste the copied files by simply clicking the middle button of your mouse.
  • Mouse Click Emulation– Three options are available in this section and they are Fingers, area and Disabled.
Mouse Click Emulation
Mouse Click Emulation

These are the Gnome-tweaks available for Mouse/Touchpad options available in Linux PC.


That’s it. This tutorial will help you increase or decrease the Mouse/Touchpad speed in your Linux PC. If you have any queries or new methods to tweak the Mouse/Touchpad acceleration and then feel free to comment us below.

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