FSlint Ubuntu: How To Install FSlint Cleaner on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04

Easy way to install FSlint on Ubuntu, Cent OS & Fedora!

FSlint Cleaner Ubuntu


Slint Cleaner: FSlint Janitor is one of the best alternatives for the CC Cleaner. FSlint is a free and open-source application. This cleaner works only in GUI version only. For Ubuntu, there is no official version of CC Cleaner. But, luckily there are many good alternative cleaners available for Ubuntu & FSlint is one of them. Sweeper Cleaner is the best alternative for FSlint Cleaner. In this quick tutorial, We provided the best ways to install the FSlint application on Ubuntu, Cent OS & Fedora OS.

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Installing FSlint Cleaner Using Command Terminal:

You can install the FSlint cleaner on Ubuntu using Terminal Command. You need to run the below command with Sudo privileges.

$sudo apt install fslint
FSlint Install Command
FSlint Install Command

Launch FSlint Application:

To launch the FSlint Cleaner application in your Ubuntu PC. You need to follow the below steps:

  • Open All Apps Menu
  • In the Search Bar, Enter the phrase “FSlint” and hit the search button.
  • Click the FSlint Janitor utility app
FSlint Janitor
FSlint Janitor

Remove FSlint Cleaner Using Command Terminal:

You can remove the FSlint Cleaner application using the following command,

$sudo apt remove fslint

Once you execute the above command, The FSlint Janitor application will be removed from your Ubuntu PC.

Remove FSlint Ubuntu
Remove FSlint Ubuntu

Install FSlint Cleaner on CentOS:

You can install the FSlint Cleaner application on CentOS, Use the following command:

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$sudo yum install fslint

From the above command, you can install the FSlint Janitor application on CentOS.

Install FSlint Cleaner on Fedora OS:

You can install the FSlint Cleaner utility on Fedora OS, Use the following command:

$sudo dnf install fslint

From the above command, you can install the FSlint Janitor application on Fedora OS.

FSlint Janitor Features:

  • Removes duplicates files
  • Removes unused installed packages
  • Removes bad names files
  • Removes name clashes
  • Removes Temp files
  • Removes bad files
  • Removes bad symlinks
  • Removes empty directories
  • Removes redundant directories
  • Removes non-stripped directories


That’s it. This is the easiest way to install the FSlint Janitor application on Ubuntu PC. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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