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How to Install Google Chrome on Elementary OS- Simple Steps

Install Google Chrome Web Browser on Elementary OS[Step by Step Explanation]

Google Chrome for Elementary OS


oogle Chrome for Elementary OS: When it comes to the Browsers, Google’s Chrome tops the list and is being the most favorite web browser of people all over the world. However, Firefox is no less than Chrome and recently, Edge with the Chromium Engine is also getting in the race of being the favorite and most effective browsers today on the market. Though Elementary OS is based on Debian, it does not execute deb files and hence installing Chrome on Elementary is quite geeky but not a tough one. let us get into the article. Check out: Install Google Chrome on Linux Ubuntu

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How to Install Google Chrome Web browser on Elementary OS- Easy Steps:

Kindly follow the below steps carefully to install this web browser on your system.

  • Download the latest Google Chrome deb file from Official Google Chrome.
    Download Google Chrome
    Download Google Chrome                                   Courtesy: Official Google Chrome
  • By default, the downloaded file will be on your Downloads folder. Let it be there.
    Chrome deb file on Downloads
    Chrome deb file on Downloads
  • Open Terminal and install gdebi installer using the following command. Enter your system password when prompted to authenticate the installation process.
$sudo apt install gdebi
Note: If you already have installed gdebi installer then ignore this step.
Install gdebi
Install gdebi
  • We will go to the Downloads folder where the Google Chrome deb file is downloaded by executing the following on the terminal.
$cd Downloads
Switch to Downloads
Switch to Downloads
  • Let us list the files of the Downloads folder so that we can get the exact name of the Chrome deb file.
List files
List files
  • Finally, it is time to install Google Chrome on Elementary OS. execute the following command. Currently, the file name of the Chrome deb file is google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb. It may vary in the future and in that case, use the corresponding file name.
$sudo gdebi google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
Syntax: sudo gdebi file_name.deb
Install Chrome via gdebi
Install Chrome via gdebi
  • The installation will start now. You will be prompted whether you wish to continue with the installation or not? Press y on the keyboard to continue the installation of Google Chrome.
    Enter y to continue installation
    Enter y to continue the installation
  • After the installation, close the terminal and you can access Google Chrome from Applications.
    Google Chrome on Elementary OS
    Google Chrome on Elementary OS

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The above article provides detailed information on Google Chrome on Elementary OS and provides the steps involved in installing Google Chrom Web Browser on Elementary OS which is based on Debian. If you have queries with the above steps, let us know in the comment below. For instant solutions, visit our Forum!

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