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How to install Node.js Application on Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia?

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Node.js Application


ode.js: Node.js is a Javascript and open-source runtime environment that allows users to write command-line tools with the use of Javascript. It is mainly designed to create scalable network applications. Furthermore, the Node.js users don’t have to concern about dead-lock process as there are no locks. The Node.js application makes use of non-blocking I/O model and event-driven that makes it effective and lightweight. Here, we will discuss how to install Node.js on Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia in an easy and simple manner.

Table of Contents:

Different Ways to install Node.js on Linux Mint:

Technique 1 – Install Node.js – Using Apt Package Manager:

  • Click on the shortcut CTRL+ALT+Tto open the Terminal on Linux Mint.
  • Before installing node.js application, you have to install curl in your system by using the following command. You will be asked to enter your system password to authenticate the installation process.
sudo apt install curl
  • Then, you have to install the repositories and in-built add-ons of node.js prior to the installation of node.js application.
  • In order to do the same, you just copy and paste the command on the Linux Mint Terminal and click Enter.
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
  • After that, you have to execute the below command to install the node.js application.
sudo apt install -y nodejs
Installation Command of Node.js
Installation Command of Node.js
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Technique 2 – Steps to Install Node.js from Official Site:

  • Go to the Node.js Official Page.
  • Click on the Download button of Linux Binaries (x64).
  • Now the .tar file of node.js application will be downloaded and so you can install it in your system.

Remove/Uninstall Node.js Application:

In order to remove/uninstall Node.js App, you just need to execute the following command on your Mint Terminal. You have to press ‘y’ when it asked to press [y/N] in order to continue the removal process.

sudo apt remove nodejs
Removal Command of Node.js
Removal Command of Node.js

A Short Summary:

In the above article, we have described how to install Node.js for Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia and also remove/uninstall command of node.js application. Make use of this open-source platform to create your own applications and command-line tools. Your valuable comments are highly welcomed as it will be an asset to our write-up.

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