How to install Stubb App on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS?

Install Stubb, a Docker Utility application for Linux Ubuntu

Stubb for Linux Ubuntu


tubb: Stubb Application is a Docker utility that lets you to show details on Docker tags, layers and images as well as Docker Hub Metrics. In this article, we will assist you to install the Stubb App on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS easily. Further, you will be provided with Available Commands of Stubb Application that helps you to invoke it in the Terminal.

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Stubb Application Info:

DeveloperRicardo N Feliciano
App Version0.3.1
App Size19.1 MB

Process of Installing Stubb Application:

1) Install Stubb App on Linux Ubuntu – Using Terminal:

  • Click on the shortcut CTRL+ALT+Ton Linux Ubuntu to open the Terminal.
  • For installing Stubb App, you have to run the below command on the Ubuntu Terminal. After that, enter your system password¬†to authenticate the installation process.
sudo snap install stubb
Installation Command of Stubb
Installation Command of Stubb

2) Usage of Ubuntu Software to install Stubb App:

You can also make use of Ubuntu Software to install Stubb App as another way. Just click on the following button on your Ubuntu software.

Installation of Stubb on Ubuntu Software
Installation of Stubb on Ubuntu Software

Launch and Utilize the Stubb App:

Stubb App Launch – Using Terminal

You have to enter Stubb on the Ubuntu Terminal to launch it successfully. Stubb app is a utility app and so it runs on background. Therefore, it does not have any user interface so that you can’t visualize any representation.

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Stubb App – Available Commands:

Available Commands:
  get         Get the value of several Docker Hub metrics
  help        Help about any command
  images      A group of commands related to Docker images
  set         Set the value of several Docker Hub settings
  tags        A group of commands related to Docker image tags
  version     Print version information for Stubb

Remove/Uninstall Stubb App:

You can easily remove/uninstall the Stubb App with the use of the following short command.

sudo snap remove stubb
Stubb Remove Command
Stubb Remove Command

A Brief Synopsis:

The above article will be useful as it makes you understand the Stubb installation in Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS. In addition, we have provided some easy ways of launch and remove/install of Stubb Application. Share your queries/suggestions in the below comment section.

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