Sweeper Linux: How To Install Sweeper Cleaner in Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04

Fast ways to install Sweeper Cleaner on Ubuntu, Cent OS & Fedora!

Sweeper Ubuntu


wpeer Linux: There are few best cleaning apps are available for Ubuntu Linux. Sweeper is one of them. Sweeper helps you clean the unwanted traces left by the user in your system. The Sweeper will remove browser caches, Application caches & browser cookies too. In this quick tutorial, you are going to learn how to install Sweeper Cleaner on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 PC.

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How To Install Sweeper Through Command Line Terminal:

Sweeper Cleaner utility is available on the APT store. You can use the following commands to install Sweeper Cleaner on your Ubuntu PC.

$sudo apt install sweeper
  • Open the Terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T
  • Paste the above command to install the Sweeper Cleaner
  • Once you executed the above command, you will be asked to enter the password, enter it
Sweeper Cleaner Install
Sweeper Cleaner Install
  • Now, you will be prompted to execute the installation by entering the value “y or yes
Execute Installation
Execute Installation
  • Enter Y & execute the installation process. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation process.

You can launch the Sweeper Cleaner Application by entering the following command in Terminal.

  • You can find this application of All Apps Menu too.
Sweeper Cleaner Screenshot
Sweeper Cleaner Screenshot

How To Install Sweeper Cleaner Through Ubuntu Store:

You can install the Sweeper application through the Ubuntu Store. Follow the below instruction to install the sweeper application in your Ubuntu PC.

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  • Open Ubuntu Store
  • In the Search bar, Enter the phrase “Sweeper” & Click the search button
Sweeper Ubuntu Store
Sweeper Ubuntu Store
  • You need to click the Second Sweeper Cleaner Application file as we mentioned in the above image
  • Now click the Install Button to initiate the installation process.
Sweeper Installing
Sweeper Installing
  • Once the installation process completed, Click the Launch button to launch the app. If you want to remove the application and then click the Remove button to uninstall this Sweeper cleaner application.
Sweeper Application
Sweeper Application

Remove Sweeper Cleaner From Ubuntu PC:

You can use the Command Line Terminal to remove this app permanently from your pc. Use the following command:

$sudo apt remove sweeper
Remove Sweeper Cleaner
Remove Sweeper Cleaner
  • It will ask you to enter the password, enter it and complete the Uninstallation process.

By using the above command, The Sweeper Cleaner application will be removed from your Ubuntu PC.

How To Install Sweeper on CentOS:

It is possible to install this Sweeper Cleaner on your CentOS. Just copy the below command and execute in the Terminal.

$sudo yum install sweeper

Copy the above command and paste in Terminal, Install the Sweeper Cleaner Application on your CentOS.

How To Install Sweeper on Fedora OS:

Yes, It is possible to install this Sweeper Cleaner on your Fedora OS. Just copy the below command and execute in the Terminal.

$sudo dnf install sweeper

You can easily install the Sweeper Application in your Fedora OS.

Essential Features of Sweeper Cleaner:

This sweeper cleaner has many special features in it and they are:

  • Cookies– Will clear all cookies set and stored by websites
  • Favicons– Clears all the Favicon which you visited recently
  • History– Clears Web History
  • Cache– Clears Web Caches
  • Forms– Clears Autofill forms
  • Thumbnail Cache– Clears all thumbnail caches
  • And many more.
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That’s it. From the above tutorial, we hope that you might have learned the installation process of Sweeper Cleaner application in Ubuntu, Cent OS & Fedora OS. If you have any query regarding this topic “Sweeper Cleaner for Ubuntu” Kindly mention your query in our Comment section.

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