How to Install VirtualBox on Fedora 31?

A Free and Open-Source VirutalBox for Fedora!

VirtualBox Fedora


irtualBox: It is a Free and Open-Source software used to run more than one Operating Systems at a time. Virtual Box uses hosted hypervisor for x86 virtualization and It has been developed by Oracle Corporation. VirtualBox currently runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris and OpenSolaris. It Supports large number of guest Operating Systems world-wide. Today in this article we are going to discuss the installation, launch, and removal process of VirtualBox on Fedora 31.

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Guidelines to Download and Install VirtualBox on Fedora 31:

Step 1: Download the VirtualBox.rpm file on Fedora:

To Download VirtualBox you can use the Terminal Command.

Otherwise, you can visit the VirtualBox official website and download the VirtualBox.rpm file.

  • Open the Terminal
  • Execute the following Terminal Command to download the .rpm file

Download rpm file
Download rpm file

Otherwise, click on the Link Download VirtualBox to download the .rpm file.

Step 2: Install the VirtualBox.rpm file on Fedora:

Now, you can find VirtualBox.rpm file or your system downloads.

VirtualBox rpm file

VirtualBox rpm file just right-clicks on the VirtualBox.rpm file and select Open with Software Install.

Open with Software Install
Open with Software Install
  • Now, the VirtualBox Application will open on Software.
  • Click the Installation button to install VirtualBox on your system.
Install VirtualBox
Install VirtualBox

Launch VirtualBox on Fedora 31:

  • Open the Show Applications
  • Search the VirtualBox Application and click on the icon to launch VirtualBox on Fedora.

VirtualBox 6.1.4

VirtualBox 6.1.4

Remove VirtualBox from Fedora 31:

  • Open the Software on your system.
  • Search for virtualbox application and click on the icon.
  • Now, click on the Remove button to remove the application.
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Remove VirtualBox Application
Remove VirtualBox Application

A Short Summary:

In this article, we illustrate the complete guidelines to install, launch, and remove VirtualBox Application on Fedora 31. Stay Connected to get instant updates. Leave your Queries/Suggestions in the comment section.

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