How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04 Easily!

Quick and faster method to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine

Upgrade from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10


pgrade to Ubuntu 19.10: The latest version of Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine released few days before! Eoan Ermine is the best version of Ubuntu, contains many essential features and tweaks. Booting time of Ubuntu 19.10 is faster than earlier versions of Ubuntu. It’s the time to upgrade from older versions of Ubuntu 19.04 to Ubuntu 19.10. In this article, we added the information about upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04.

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Ubuntu 19.10 Download links:

Below we listed the different releases based on the Ubuntu 19.10 version which includes “Kubuntu, Lubuntu and more“.

  1. Ubuntu Desktop 19.10–
  2. Ubuntu Cloud Images–
  3. Ubuntu Netboot–
  4. Kubuntu 19.10–
  5. Lubuntu 19.10–
  6. Ubuntu Mate 19.10–
  7. Ubuntu Studio–
  8. Xubuntu 19.10–

Upgrading to a Ubuntu 19.10 on a Desktop system:

To upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04 follow the below instructions:

  • Open the Terminal
  • Copy the below command and paste it in the terminal
$update-manager -c -d
Update Checking Command
Update Checking Command
  • Execute the command, It will check for latest updates for your Ubuntu version
Update checking
Update checking
  • Once the checking process got completed, Update Manager will tell you: New distribution release ‘19.10’ is available.
  • If the update manager shows nothing, then type the below command to do manually
Manually update command
Manually update command
  • Popup will appear on your screen says “Update available, Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10
  • Click the Update button to upgrade your Ubuntu version from 19.04 to 19.10
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The upgrading process will take up to more than Hour. Once the upgrade process completed, restart your pc to see the changes. If the above methods are not working, then try the below alternating method to upgrade your PC.

Upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10 on a Desktop system – Alternate Method:

This is the alternative method to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04. Follow the commands and instructions as we mentioned below:

  • Open the terminal, paste the below commands & execute it individually
$sudo apt update
$sudo apt upgrade
$sudo apt dist-upgrade
$sudo do-release-upgrade

Upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10 on a Server system:

There is no offline upgrade version of Ubuntu 19.10 server edition. If you want to upgrade your server os to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04, then follow the below instructions:

  • You need to install the Update Manager package on your server. Use the below command to do:
$sudo apt install update-manager-core
  • Once the installation process completed, copy the below command and execute it
$sudo do-release-upgrade
  • The above command will check for new updates and complete the new Ubuntu version installation process.

That’s it, the above commands will help you upgrade your server to Ubuntu 19.10 server edition.

Ubuntu 19.10 Essential Features:

  • Increased boot speed
  • Essential Gnome Tweaks
  • Essential hardware and software tweaks
  • Dark Themes availability
  • and many more


That’s it. This is the simplest way to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 from Ubuntu 19.04 on a Desktop and Server system. If you have any queries related to the article and then feel free to comment us below.

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