How to use Whoami Command in Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS?

Simplest Command to know the user of current session!!


WHOAMI Command in Linux: Whoami Command is primarily the concatenation of words “Who am I”. The Whoami Command gives information about the users who are currently logged in. It is probably the simplest command in Linux to use. Users who are new to the Linux system can know the username with the help of this command. It is an extremely simple command when it comes to understanding and usage. In this tutorial, we will assist you to make use of whoami command in Linux efficiently.

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How to use Whoami Command?

The formal syntax for Whoami command is,

whoami [OPTION]

Execute the below Whoami Command in order to display your login name. You can see the current username is executed as the output. You just need to type whoami in your Ubuntu Terminal and click enter to display the username of current login session.

WHOAMI Command Usage
WHOAMI Command Usage

Whoami Command – Know the Version:

Execute the below command to know the version installed in your system.

whoami --version
WHOAMI Version
WHOAMI Version

Get Help from Whoami Command:

In order to get help from the Whoami command, you have to execute the below command on the Ubuntu Terminal. You can find that there are only two options available with the help of the Whoami command.

whoami --help

A Short Synopsis:

In the above article, we have described the usage of WHOAMI Command in Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine/ 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver. Using this handy command, you can know the username of your current login session. Further, we have explained how to use its help and version option clearly. Is this article useful? Kindly share your valuable queries to keep us motivated.

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