How To Install 7Zip Extractor & Compressor on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04

Quick ways tp 7Zip Extractor & Compressor For Ubuntu Linux!

7Zip Ubuntu


Zip Extractor: 7Zip extractor is one of the best alternatives for Winrar in Linux. 7Zip allows you create a Compressed file & allows you Extract the compressed file in Linux. 7Zip Ubuntu package can be downloaded from the apt package. In this article, We provided the complete steps to install the 7Zip extractor on Ubuntu Linux using APT package.

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Install 7Zip Extractor On Ubuntu:

As we said earlier, you can install the 7Zip Extractor using the APT package center. Open the terminal  and use the following command:

  • You need to update the system packages using the below command
$sudo apt get update
  • Now copy the below command and paste the command in terminal to install the 7zip extractor in your pc.
$sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
Install 7Zip Compress & Extractor
Install 7Zip Compress & Extractor

After executing the above command, Terminal will ask your system password. Provide the password and execute the installation process.

Extract files using 7Zip on Linux:

After installing the 7Zip extractor on Linux, you can use the below command to use the 7Zip command to extract the files using 7Zip extractor application.

$7z x Example.rar

The above command will extract the .rar file in the current directory.

Compress files using 7Zip on Linux:

You can use the 7Zip Compressor to compress the files in Linux. Use the following command to do:

$7z a Example.rar subdir\

The above command will compress all the files and folder in the subdirectory “subdir” and save the compressed file as “Example.rar“. You need to replace the subdir with your directory that you want to compress.

$7z a Textfiles.7z *.txt -r

This command will help you compress all the Text files in the current folder or directory using in Textfiles.7z format.

$7z a

This command will help you compress all files (any format files) in the current directory or folder.

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7Zip Commands List:

The below table contains the essential 7Zip commands, which helps you use the 7zip utility in Linux.

Essential 7Zip Command List:

aAdd– Compress files
dDelete– Delete compressed files
eExtract– Extract compressed files
iShow information about supported formats
xExtract with full paths

Remove 7Zip Compressor:

7Zip Compressor is available as the apt package and so you can remove this package using the apt package manager. Use the following command to remove the 7Zip application.

$sudo apt-get remove p7zip-full
7Zip Remove
7Zip Remove

Enter “y” to execute the command. In a few seconds, the 7Zip utility will be removed from your Ubuntu PC.


That’s it. This article will help you install & use the 7Zip to compress and extract the files. Follow the 7Zip commands carefully to use the 7zip utility in Ubuntu. If you have any queries in this article, kindly mention those in our comment section.

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