Install Aws-Cli Application on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS!!

Install Interactive Tool for AWS Services on Linux Ubuntu

Aws-Cli for Linux Ubuntu


ws-Cli: It is an open-source tool that offers commands to connect with AWS Services. The Aws-Cli Application is created for Python (Boto) on top of the AWS SDK. Make use of your chosen terminal program to begin using its functionality offered by the AWS Management Console. Further, it just requires minimal configuration for utilizing all of the functionality. In the below article, we will guide you to install the Aws-Cli App on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS in simple steps.

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Aws-Cli Application Details:

DeveloperAmazon Web Services
App Version1.16.266
App Size17.7 MB

Two Discrete Ways of Installing Aws-Cli App on Linux Ubuntu:

Note: Snap is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and higher versions. However, it can be installed using sudo apt install snapd.

Way 1: Installation of Aws-Cli App on Linux Ubuntu – Using Terminal:

  • To open the Terminal, you have to click CTRL+ALT+Ton Linux Ubuntu.
  • After that, you just need to run the below command on the Ubuntu Terminal to install Aws-Cli App. Then, enter your system password to validate the installation process.
sudo snap install aws-cli --classic
Installation Command of Aws-Cli
Installation Command of Aws-Cli

Way 2: Make use of Ubuntu Software to install Aws-Cli App:

To install Aws-CliApplication, you can make use of Ubuntu Software in an alternative manner. You just need to click on the following button on your Ubuntu software.

Installation of Aws-Cli on Ubuntu Software
Installation of Aws-Cli on Ubuntu Software

Launch and Use the Aws-Cli App:

Usage of Terminal to launch Aws-Cli App:

You have to type aws on the Ubuntu Terminal to launch it. As it is based on CLI, it does not have any user interface. Therefore, you can’t find any visual representation of this app as it runs on the terminal.

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Getting Help With Aws-Cli:

You can obtain help with any command while using the Aws-Cli Application. To do so, you just need to type help at the end of the command name(aws). For example, the following command shows help for the Aws-Cli options, available commands, and services.

aws help

Aws-Cli Options:

       --debug (boolean)

       Turn on debug logging.

       --endpoint-url (string)

       Override command's default URL with the given URL.

       --no-verify-ssl (boolean)

       By  default, the AWS CLI uses SSL when communicating with AWS services.
       For each SSL connection, the AWS CLI will verify SSL certificates. This
       option overrides the default behavior of verifying SSL certificates.

       --no-paginate (boolean)

       Disable automatic pagination.

       --output (string)

       The formatting style for command output.

       o json

       o text

       o table

       --query (string)

       A JMESPath query to use in filtering the response data.

       --profile (string)

       Use a specific profile from your credential file.

       --region (string)

       The region to use. Overrides config/env settings.

       --version (string)

       Display the version of this tool.

       --color (string)

       Turn on/off color output.

       o on

       o off

       o auto

       --no-sign-request (boolean)

       Do  not  sign requests. Credentials will not be loaded if this argument
       is provided.

       --ca-bundle (string)

       The CA certificate bundle to use when verifying SSL certificates. Over-
       rides config/env settings.

       --cli-read-timeout (int)

       The  maximum socket read time in seconds. If the value is set to 0, the
       socket read will be blocking and not timeout.

       --cli-connect-timeout (int)

       The maximum socket connect time in seconds. If the value is set  to  0,
       the socket connect will be blocking and not timeout.

Remove/Uninstall Aws-Cli Application:

You just need to copy and paste the following command on your Ubuntu Terminal to remove/uninstall Aws-Cli App in a quick way.

sudo snap remove aws-cli
Aws-Cli Remove Command
Aws-Cli Remove Command


In the above article, we have explained the Aws-Cli installation in Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine/ 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver. Besides, we have provided some methods to launch and remove/install of Aws-Cli Application. Stay interacted with AWS Services with the help of Aws-Cli Application. Share your valuable queries/suggestions in the below comment box.

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