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Brave Linux- Install Brave Browser on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/ 19.04, Fedora, RHEL & More

How to Install Brave Web Browser on Linux Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL, Debian, and More

Brave Web Browser


rave Linux: Brave is one of the Latest Web browsers available in the market. The recent stable release of this web browser was on May 2019 for different platforms and the fame of the brave browser on the market is much more than anticipated. Brave is a free and open-source web browser(based on Chromium web browser) which is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Brave is comparatively fast, secure and supports Private web browsing. In this article, we will check out all the methods involved in the process of installing Brave on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS(Bionic Beaver), Ubuntu 19.04(Disco Dingo), Fedora, RHEL, Linux Mint, and more.

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Install Brave Web Browser on Linux Ubuntu 18.04/ 19.04, and other Ubuntu-based Distros:

The following are the steps involved in the installation process of the Brave web browser on Ubuntu 16.04 and Higher versions. We will install Brave from the Official Brave Web Browser repository.

$sudo apt install apt-transport-https curl
$curl -s | sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/brave-browser-release.gpg add -
$source /etc/os-release
$echo "deb [arch=amd64] $UBUNTU_CODENAME main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release-${UBUNTU_CODENAME}.list
$sudo apt update
$sudo apt install brave-browser
Brave Installation Command
Brave Installation Command

Once installed, it can be launched from All Applications.

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How to Install Brave Web Browser on Fedora Distributions:

The following are the commands to be used to install Brave on Fedora 28+ versions.

$sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
$sudo rpm --import
$sudo dnf install brave-browser
Note: For Beta and canary versions, and for RHEL, Debian, Kindly visit Official Brave.

Features of Brave Web Browser:

Brave Web Browser
Brave Web Browser

The Browser is extremely fast:

Compared to other browsers, it is 2X faster on Desktops and 8X faster on smartphones.

Customize your Privacy and Security Shield:

The browsing data remains private and hence your data is well secured. Block Phishing, Malware, Maladvertising and unsecured plugins by default.

Ads Blocking:

Adblocking and get the stats about the ads and trackers blocked by the Brave web browser.

Extensions & Plugins:

Brave supports most of the Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Dark Theme:

Brave comes with dark theme support.

Other than the above-listed features, there are a lot of options available on this browser.

Getting Started with Brave Browser on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

After the installation of Brave browser on Ubuntu, you can launch it from All Applications(Show Applications on Disco DIngo).

When the browser is opening for the first time, it will take you through a tour explaining the features and functions of Brave Web browser. The following are the options available on the Tour.

  1. Import your bookmarks and settings from other web browsers.
    Import bookmarks and settings
    Import bookmarks and settings
  2. Select your default search engine of the Brave web browser.
    Select Default Web browser
    Select the Default search engine
  3. Next step is to choose the Theme of the browser.
    Color and Theme
    Color and Theme
  4. Manage your Shields and security.
    Shields and Security
    Shields and Security
  5. Setup Brave rewards as per your wish. Finally, Click on Done to start surfing the internet.
    Setup Brave Rewards
    Setup Brave Rewards

How to Enable Dark Color on Brave web browser:

Choosing Dark theme(Dark Color) is very simple and the option is available on the Welcome tour itself. However, if you had missed it then don’t worry, follow the below steps and enable Dark mode(Dark Theme) on your Brave browser.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Appearance that is available on the left pane.
  3. Under Appearance, you will find the option Brave Colours. Dropdown and select Dark.
    Select Dark Colour
    Select Dark Colour
  4. That is all. Your browser is now switched to dark color.
    Brave Dark Colour
    Brave Dark Colour

How to Remove Brave Web Browser from Linux Ubuntu & Ubuntu-based Distros:

If you wish to remove or uninstall Brave Web Browser from Ubuntu, then kindly use the following command to uninstall brave web browser.

$sudo apt remove brave-browser

Install the Brave Web Browser using Snappy Package Manager- Alternate Method:

Note: This is not a recommended method and on snap, it is a community maintained and may not be up to date to the latest stable release.

This is an alternate method available to install brave web browser on Ubuntu. This method involves installing Brave on Ubuntu using Snappy Package Manager.

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Execute the following commands on the terminal.

$sudo apt install snapd
$sudo snap install brave

Application Details:

LicenseFree to Use
App Versionv0.68.132[Stable]
App Size70 MB(Appx)
OS RequirementUbuntu 16.04 & Later Versions

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This article provides detailed information on the latest web browser, the Brave Web Browser, and provides various methods to install Brave on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora, and more. If you have any Query with the above article then Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP.

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