Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu- Best Ubuntu Antivirus

Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu

Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu: When it comes to operating system, the Security that an operating system provides plays a vital role in choosing the operating system. We all know about the most famous operating systems such as Windows, Mac and more. Though they try to provide maximum security, there are chances that the security may be compromised. Linux is much more secure than other operating systems which makes them better for Programmers and Server sides to work with. A antivirus should be capable of safeguarding the system from different kind of attacks such as Trojans, Malware, Phishing, Adwares and should provide a second layer firewall. Hence a Secured Operating system and a Good Antivirus makes perfection. For Linux and more particularly Ubuntu, Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu will be the Best Choice. In this article, we will see How to Download and Install Clam Antivirus(ClamAV) for Ubuntu Unity 18.04.1 LTS and the same is applicable for other Linux Debian based Distros.

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Different Ways to Get Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu:

Clam Antivirus is an Open source software that is available for free and that can be a second line of defense for Ubuntu and safeguarding them from Malicious files, Malware and other kinds of threats. There are actually two ways to download and install Clam Antivirus on Ubuntu. The following are the two ways.

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Based on the convenience of the users, you can choose the best method for yourself.

How to Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu using Terminal:

  • Open Linux Terminal using CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Once the terminal opens, execute the following command.
$   sudo apt-get install clamav

How to Use? Paste the above command and press Enter Key.

Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu
Command 1
  • Once you execute the command then you will be asked to enter your password. Press “y” when you are asked.
    Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu
    Press y
  • Clam Antivirus back end will be successfully installed now. But to access the Antivirus on GUI mode(Front-end), kindly follow the below steps. Alternatively, you can also install the Front-end of Clam in Ubuntu Software.
  • Execute the following the Command in the Terminal.
$   sudo apt-get install clamtk

How to Use? Paste the above command and press Enter Key.

Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu
Command 2
  • Now the Front-end for the Antivirus will be installed. You can open the Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu under “All Applications“.

How to Download and Install ClamAV for Ubuntu:

In this section, we will see how to download this antivirus on your Ubuntu system and then install it. We have clearly explained about getting the Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu on the above paragraph. This is just an Alternate method to get Clam Antivirus on Ubuntu.

  1. Go to the Official Clam Antivirus site.
  2. Go to Downloads(available on the Top Left of the Website).
  3. You will find the latest stable release. Download it. It will be a Compressed file.
  4. Once the file is downloaded, then you can install it on your Ubuntu.

Working with ClamAV for Ubuntu:

Install Clam Antivirus for Ubuntu
Working with ClamAV

Clam Antivirus has a very simple interface on Ubuntu. There are four main sections on the interface.

  • Configuration
  • History
  • Updates
  • Analysis
Note: To enable or run a process on Clam Antivirus, Use Double Click(Left) of the Mouse


This section contains the Settings of the of the ClamAV and Whitelist using which you can mention any exemption and also Network and finally Scheduler that allows you to specify a scheduled scan.


Provides information on previous scans and Quarantine provides information on the Resolved Threats.


You can update your Antivirus Database and also you can choose whether you want Automatic updates or Manual updates.


It allows you to scan files and directory.

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The above article provides information on How to Download and Install Clam Antivirus on Ubuntu Unity 18.04.1 LTS. The same method can be followed for Linux Mint, KDE and other Ubuntu based distros. If you have any Query on the above article on ClamAV for Ubuntu then Kindly Comment Us and we will get back to you with a solution ASAP.

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