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EdgeXFoundry Linux- How to Install “Edinburgh” Release on Linux Distributions

Edinburgh Release of EdgeXFoundry Project[Global Ecosystem for IoT] is now available for Linux Distros

EdgeXFoundry Linux Edinburgh Release

EdgeXFoundry Linux: It is a Project from LF Edge Umbrella Organisation which is a part of Linux Foundation with the goal of creating a Standardised Foundation for Edge Computing Architectures in the field of Industrial IoT(Internet of Things) market. To be more specific, this project’s primary vision is to create an Open and most suitable Framework for Edge IoT computing which is totally independent of the Operating system, Hardware, and Application Cloud. EdgeXFoundry Project was first launched in April 2017 and its Edinburgh Release has been made available on July 11, 2019. In this article, we will see How to Install EdgeXFoundry from Linux Foundation on various Linux Distributions.

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Install EdgeXFoundry on Linux Ubuntu- Using Terminal:

We will use Snapcraft to install this framework on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and other Ubuntu-based Distros. Official Ubuntu has recommended this method of getting EdgeXFoundry from Snapstore.

$sudo snap install edgexfoundry
EdgeXFoundry Linux
Installation Command

Kindly enter your System Password to authenticate the process and wait till the installation completes. The above command will install EdgeXfoundry on your Linux Ubuntu Distros.

EdgeXFoundry Linux
EdgeXFoundry Installed

Install EdgeXFoundry on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS & More- Using GUI:

  • Go to All Applications(Show Applications on Disco Dingo).
  • Locate Ubuntu Software and open it.
  • Click on the Search Symbol.
  • Now Search for EdgeXFoundry.
    EdgexFoundry Linux
    Search for it
  • Once Located, select and Choose Install.
    EdgeXFoundry Linux
  • Finally, it can be launched after the installation
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Remove EdgeXFoundry from Linux Ubuntu Distros:

To remove this framework from your system, kindly use the following command.

$sudo snap remove edgexfoundry

How to Install EdgeXFoundry Framework on CentOS using Snap- Terminal:

The following are the commands to be used to install this framework on CentOS.

$sudo yum install epel-release
$sudo yum install snapd
$sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket
$sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
$sudo snap install edgexfoundry

Install EdgeXFoundry on Arch Linux:

The following are the commands to install this on Arch Linux.

$git clone
cd snapd
makepkg -si
$sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket
$sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
$sudo snap install edgexfoundry

Install EdgeXFoundry Framework on Fedora Distributions:

$sudo dnf install snapd
$sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
$sudo snap install edgexfoundry

Get EdgeXFoundry for openSUSE:

$sudo zypper addrepo --refresh snappy
$sudo zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh
$sudo zypper dup --from snappy
$sudo zypper install snapd
$sudo systemctl enable snapd
sudo systemctl start snapd
Features of Edinburgh Release
$sudo systemctl enable snapd.apparmor
sudo systemctl start snapd.apparmor
$sudo snap install edgexfoundry

EdgeXFoundry for Debian Distros:

$sudo apt install snapd
$sudo snap install edgexfoundry

Features of EdgeXFoundry “Edinburgh Release” by Linux Foundation:

The Official Site of EdgeXFoundry has listed all the important features related to this release. The area of Foucses are Stability, Connectivity and Global Support. Northbound and Southbound connectivity has been increased and also the standard connectors. Support for EdgeXFoundry is Global as its main aim to to make a Global Ecosystem. Other than the above listed, added features includes Binary Data Support, Database Swapability, Improved APIs and more.

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Get in Touch with Us:

This article clearly explains the sole purpose of EdgeXFoundry and provides information on the Latest Edinburgh Release of it from the Linux Foundation. With the Edinburgh Release, EdgeXFoundary is now available for Various Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu, Arch, CentOS, openSUSE, Debian, Fedora and more. If you have any Query then Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution soon.


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