Flameshot Ubuntu- How to Install on Linux Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 LTS, Fedora, & More

Install Flameshot Screen Capturing cum editing tool on Linux Ubuntu and Ubuntu based Distros & More

Flameshot for Ubuntu


lameshot Ubuntu: It is a powerful Screen Capture Tool and the uniqueness of Flameshot from the default Screenshot tool of Ubuntu or Shutter is that it allows you to edit on the screenshots right away and can be saved as png and as well as jpeg format. A similar tool that you can find is Lightshot which is officially available for Windows Operating system. However, using Wine, it is possible for us Lightshot on Linux ubuntu. In this article, we will see how to install flameshot on Fedora, Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo and other Ubuntu-based Distros such as Linux Mint 19.2 and more.

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Install Flameshot Screen Capture Tool on Linux Ubuntu- Using Terminal:

It is very simple to install Flameshot on Ubuntu and other Distros. Kindly follow the below steps.

For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and other Ubuntu-based Distros:

$sudo apt update
$sudo apt install flameshot
Install Flameshot Ubuntu
Install Flameshot Ubuntu
  • The above commands has to be executed on the terminal to install flameshot on Ubuntu. You will be asked to enter your system password to authenticate the installation process. Please enter it.
  • Once the application is installed, Flameshot can be accessed from All Applications(Show Applications on Disco Dingo).

For Fedora Distributions:

$dnf install flameshot

For openSUSE:

For openSUSE, it can be installed from the Software section of the official openSUSE. Use the following link on openSUSE to install it directly on openSUSE.

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Flameshot for openSUSE
Flameshot for openSUSE                                                              Courtesy: Official openSUSE

Getting Started with Flameshot on Ubuntu:

As already told, Flameshot is not just a screenshot capture tool. Apart from that, you can perform a number of things using Flameshot on the given image. Here, we will explain what are all the features available with Flameshot.

  • Open Flameshot from All Applications.
  • Kindly select the required area as shown in the image below.
Select the required area
Select the required area
  • You can find options such as Blur, Copy, Undo, Draw Line, Circle, Square, Arrow and finally save it on your system.
  • Moreover, you can configure Flameshot and choose a number of options such as Highlight Color, Notifications, opacity, and more.
    Configure Flameshot Ubuntu
    Configure Flameshot Ubuntu

Remove Flameshot from Linux Ubuntu:

To remove Flameshot from Linux Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Distros, and Debian, Kindly use the following command.

$sudo apt remove flameshot

Lightshot for Ubuntu:

LightShot Ubuntu
LightShot Ubuntu

When it comes to Windows, it is Lightshot and Greenshot that is rocking the area of Screenshot Capture and as well as instant Edit. However, it can be disappointing that they are not officially available for Linux. Though it can be installed via Wine on Ubuntu and can be used, Flameshot will still hold the top place as a Screen capture and edit tool for Linux Distributions. We have an article that explains installing Lightshot on Ubuntu using Wine. Kindly check out the following link to get to know how to do that.

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This article provides detailed information on how to install Flameshot Ubuntu on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon, and other Ubuntu-based Distros, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, and more. This article also covers installing Lightshot on Ubuntu using Wine Application. If you have any Query with the above article, Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP.

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