How to Install Gnome System Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04

Gnome System Monitor


nome System Monitor: This Gnome System Monitor is a Gnome Process viewer with beautiful interface. This Gnome System Monitor provides the data of RAM, HDD Memory, OS process & Network Activity. This Gnome System Monitor has the best interface with “Real-time Graph Data“, You can monitor the activity of HDD, Memory and Network activity through the graphical values with real-time trends. This system monitor is similar to the Windows Task Manager but better than it. In this article, We are going to provide the information about installing the Gnome System Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 Disco Dingo Edition.

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Install Gnome System Monitor Utility on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 using Snap:

With the help of snap, it is very easy to install the Gnome System Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04, You just need to copy the below codes and paste it on the terminal of your Ubuntu and then click “Enter” to execute the command. Then the Gnome System Monitor utility will successfully installed in your system. You can access the-Tetris from the “All Apps” menu. In the below list you may able to get the installation command for all the versions of Gnome System Monitor Utility.

Note: Snap is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and Higher Versions. If you using the Older version or for any reason, use the following command to install snap manually.

$sudo apt install snapd

Install the Gnome System Monitor on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Distros: (18.04 & 19.04):

$sudo snap install gnome-system-monitor

Copy the above command & paste in your Ubuntu terminal and hit Enter button. The Installation process will initiate and in few seconds the Gnome System Monitor has successfully installed in your Ubuntu PC.

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Installing Gnome System Monitor
Installing Gnome System Monitor

Once the installation process got finished, You can find this app on your “All Apps” menu.

How to Install the Gnome System monitor using GUI- Using Ubuntu Store:

If you don’t know how to use Ubuntu Terminal to install the Gnome System monitor utility app and then there is an alternate method available to install the Gnome System monitor through the GUI method. This app is available on the Ubuntu store and here we will explain the installation method of the Gnome System monitor game from the Ubuntu store step by step method.

Note: Ubuntu Software is available from Ubuntu 16.04 and higher versions users can install apps using this store provided the apps are available.
  • Go to All Applications.
  • Search and Locate Ubuntu Software and Open it.
    Postman Linux
    Ubuntu Software
  • Click on the Search Symbol that is available on the Top of the Window.

    Postman Linux

      Search Game
  • A Search bar will appear now. Search for the “Gnome System monitor” Game.
App Search
App Search
  • Once you locate the App, Click on that and Choose Install.
Install Gnome System Monitor App
Install the Gnome System Monitor App
  • In a few seconds, the installation process will complete.
  • You can find this game on “All Apps” or open your terminal and type “Gnome System Monitor” and hit the “Enter” button.
All Apps Menu
All Apps Menu

How to Remove The Gnome System Monitor from Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04:

$sudo snap remove gnome-system-monitor
Remove Gnome System Monitor
Remove Gnome System Monitor

The above command will remove the Gnome System Monitor Utility app from your Ubuntu PC. Alternatively, you can use the Ubuntu Store to remove this App from your PC.

Gnome System Monitor Utility Features:

  • Tree view for process dependencies
  • Icons for processes
  • Hide processes that you don’t want to see
  • Graphical time histories of CPU/memory/swap usage
  • Ability to kill/renice processes needing root access
  • The basic standard features

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Gnome System Monitor?
GNOME System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with an attractive, easy-to-use interface.This Gnome System Monitor provides the data of RAM, HDD Memory, OS process & Network Activity
How do you, open Gnome monitor?
This will open a window. Type any Name System Monitor and Command gnome-system-monitor, apply. Now click on disabled and choose any Keyboard shortcut like Alt + E . This will easily open System Monitor when you press Alt + E.
How do you check CPU usage in Ubuntu terminal?
With the help of Gnome System Monitor utility app, You can easily monitor the CPU usage of your PC with GUI interface. We suggest you use the GUI interfaced app for monitoring the CPU usage.


That’s it, by following the above steps you can successfully install the Gnome System Monitor Utility App in your Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 PC. If you have any queries related to this topic and feel free to comment below.

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