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Install Kodi 19 Matrix[Nightly Build] on Linux Ubuntu 19.04/18.04 LTS & More

How to Install Upcoming Kodi 19[Development Builds] on Linux- Best suited for Developers & Testers

Kodi 19 Matrix on Ubuntu


odi 18.3 on Linux: Kodi, one of the most successful and most versatile players that completely changed the view of Multimedia players. On the other hand, Linux, One of the most used and a successful Open source operating system that is being used all around the globe and also the Backbone of a number of Complex and most successful software. Hence, the combination of Kodi and Linux will be something very different from the usual ways. Though the Stable Release of Kodi is Kodi 19 Leia as of now, it is possible to check the upcoming Kodi Version that is Kodi 19 Matrix using its Nightly Build[Development Builds]. In this article, we will see to Install Kodi 19 Matrix on Linux Ubuntu-based Distros and more.

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Install Kodi 19 Matrix[Development Build] on Linux Ubuntu- Using Terminal:

Note: Development Build/ Nightly Build Versions of Kodi are not stable builds and hence they may contain bugs and using it may result in the loss of User Data and more. Hence users are kindly requested to make sure before proceeding. Best Suited for Testers and Developers.

The following are the commands to be used to install the Latest Nightly Build Version of Kodi 19 Matrix on Linux Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Distros such as Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and more.

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install kodi
Kodi 19 Matrix on Ubuntu
Kodi 19 Matrix on Ubuntu
Check this too  Kodi 18.3 Leia is out- The most Stable of Kodi Player for Ubuntu 19.04/ 18.04.2 LTS
If you have already installed a Stable Kodi Player(say Kodi 18.3) on your system, then installing the nightly build version will overwrite the existing stable Kodi Version and the addons and other results may disappear. Hence it is suggested that the User takes the necessary Backup before starting the process.

How to Remove Kodi 19 Matrix[Development Build from Linux Ubuntu:

To remove the Nightly Build Version of Kodi from your Ubuntu system, Kindly use the following command. Don’t forget that we also have to remove the Kodi Repository that we have added while installing Kodi.

$sudo apt-get remove kodi*
$sudo apt-get purge kodi*

The above commands will uninstall Kodi 19 Matrix from your Ubuntu.

How to Downgrade from Nightly Build Version to Stable Kodi Version:

This is an interesting section. Here we will see How to Downgrade from installing nightly Build Version which is unstable to a Stable Kodi Version[Latest Stable Version]. The steps are very simple. Kindly follow them.

  1. Firstly, we will find the repository name of the PPA using the following command.
    $sudo apt-cache policy | grep team-xbmc
    Checking the PPA Name
    Checking the PPA Name
  2. Once we get to know about the PPA Name using the above command, we will remove that PPA using the following command. Refer to the following image.
    Syntax:  sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:PPA_NAME
    Example: In my case, sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly
    Remove the Unstable Build PPA
    Remove the Unstable Build PPA
  3. Now it is time to restore it to the Stable Versions. Kindly Execute the following commands one by one.
    $sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
    $sudo apt-get update
    $sudo apt-get remove kodi kodi-bin
    $sudo apt-get install kodi

The history behind the Codenames of Kodi Player[XBMC]:

Kodi for Different Devices
Kodi for Different Devices

The Codenames of Kodi follows Alphabetical Order and hence we can find versions from the Alphabet A and the current stable version of Kodi 18 is Codenamed as Leia to honor the Starwars Movie Actress Carrie Fisher who played the role of Leia on the movie. Each name has its own history and as well as they are named after getting suggestions from the users all around the Globe. The upcoming Kodi is codenamed as Matrix as the version follows the alphabetical continuity.

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