Install MAAS[Metal As a Service] on Kubuntu 19.10!

MAAS – Very fast server provisioning!!



AAS is Metal as a Service with the help of the MAAS you can treat your bare metal like a virtual machine in a cloud. You are not required to manage each server individually instead of that MAAS manages the bare metal to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning resources automatically. MAAS will boot the selected machine and checks the hardware status and then the machines will wait for your access. You can run the machine just like a virtual machine in a cloud. MAAS is Ultimate to work in a flexible cloud environment all you need is to deploy to bare metal. In this article, we will discuss the steps to install the MAAS for Kubuntu 19.10.

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We will install the MAAS 2.8 Edge which is the latest edge version as of today

Easy Installation Guidelines for MAAS on Kubuntu:

The latest stable version MAAS is currently not available and hence we will install the latest edge version.

Install MAAS the latest edge Version:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Just copy the following command and execute it on your Konsole to install MAAS on your system.
  • You are required to enter the password to confirm the installation.
sudo snap install maas --channel=latest/edge
Install MAAS for Kubuntu
Install MAAS for Kubuntu

Getting Started with MAAS on Kubuntu:

  • Make use of the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Copy this command and start working with MAAS.
sudo mass init

This command will create a new admin user.

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These are the available Commands and arguments to work with MAAS.

Usage: maas [-h] COMMAND ...

Optional Arguments:
-h, --help      show this help message and exit

login         Log in to a remote API, and remember its description and
logout        Log out of a remote API, purging any stored credentials.
list          List remote APIs that have been logged-in to.
refresh       Refresh the API descriptions of all profiles.
init          Initialize controller.
config        View or change controller configuration.
status        Status of controller services.
migrate       Perform migrations on connected database.
apikey        Used to manage a user's API keys. Shows existing keys unless
--generate or --delete is passed.
configauth    Configure external authentication.
createadmin   Create a MAAS administrator account.
Change a MAAS user's password.

Removal of MAAS on Kubuntu:

  • Make use of the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Copy the following command and execute it on your system.
sudo snap remove maas
Remove MAAS from Kubuntu
Remove MAAS from Kubuntu

The Key Features of MAAS:

  1. Automation: Automatically discovers the network devices.
  2. Speed: The Approximate deployment time is only two boot cycles and it will take only two minutes for disk imaging.
  3. Inventory: Optimize the application by provisioning the machines based on specific configuration details.
  4. Storage layouts: Creates the advanced file system layouts using RAID, bcache, LVM, ZFS and more. Allocate the space for the server based on the storage. Configure the storage automatically through the API.
  5. Hardware testing: Keep updated information about hardware health by running tests.
  6. Network monitoring: Consistently monitoring the network traffic for every active IP address of unknown origin.
  7. Authentication and Identity: Single sign-on is enough to work across multiple MAAS regions because it is integrated with LDAP and Active Directory.
  8. Cloud metadata: Cloud-init and metadata services will enable you to reuse the standard cloud operations.
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A Quick Summary:

We hope that the above article helped you a lot in order to Install, Launch, and Remove the MAAS(Metal As A Service) on Kubuntu 19.10.  Mention your comment in case of any queries and share your valuable suggestions as well so that we can improve our services. Thank you for visiting our website Tec Robust!! Keep learning with us!!

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