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OpenToonz Ubuntu – Install OpenToonz for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 19.04 Disco Dingo[Latest]

Install Opentoonz for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04 using Snap store

OpenToonz Ubuntu


penToonz Ubuntu: OpenToonz for Ubuntu is free and opensource 2D animation software. Toonz is a family of 2D animation software. Toonz is used by many studios worldwide including Studio Ghibli and Rough Draft Studios. The base application was named as OpenToonz an opensource software developed by DWANGO Co., Ltd a Telecommunications and media company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Also, an extended commercial variant named as “Toonz Premium” is available in the market for professional individuals and studios. In this article, we will see How to Download OpenToonz on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and more. Looking for a 3D Creation Suite? Install Blender on Ubuntu

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What is 2D animation?

In the term “2D animation” 2D stands for two-dimensional. It means that an artist creates images and characters in two-dimensional format and enliven them with movement. Usually, this kind of animation will be Plain and Traditional as the characters will be moving up, down, left and right.

Uses of 2D animation:

  • Used for character Creation and Design
  • Creation of Stop motion and Web animation
  • Implementation of Digital animation and video
Example of 2D animation
Example of 2D animation

Install Opentoonz Ubuntu:

Note: Snap is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and Higher Versions. If you using the Older version or for any reason, use the following command to install snap manually.

$sudo apt install snapd

Follow the below steps in order to install the Opentoonz Ubuntu via terminal. Launch the terminal using shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T and type the following command in the terminal.

$sudo snap install opentoonz
Command for installing OpenToonz Ubuntu
The command for installing OpenToonz Ubuntu

The terminal will ask you for a password, provide your user account password to proceed with the installation process of OpenToonz Ubuntu.

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Note: The installation may take 10 seconds as it completely depends on your Internet speed. If you wish you can find your internet speed by using our Internet speed test tool.

Launching OpenToonz Ubuntu:

Using the below two methods the OpenToonz Ubuntu can be launched.

  • Launch via terminal
  • Launch via all apps menu

Launch the terminal using shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T and type the following command in the terminal.

Launching OpenToonz using terminal
Launching OpenToonz using the terminal

The command will be executed and the OpenToonz Ubuntu will be launched automatically.

OpenToonz application
OpenToonz application

Launching OpenToonz Ubuntu via the All apps menu:

Click on the all apps menu icon in your Ubuntu desktop. Type the keyword “opentoonz” so that it will be displayed below. Go ahead and choose the OpenToonz icon so that it will be launched automatically.

Removing OpenToonz Ubuntu:

Follow the below steps in order to remove the OpenToonz via terminal. Launch the terminal using shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T and type the following command in the terminal:

$sudo snap remove opentoonz

The terminal will ask you for a password, provide your user account password to complete the 1removal process of OpenToonz Ubuntu.

The command to remove OpenToonz using Terminal
The command to remove OpenToonz using Terminal
OpenToonz Ubuntu removed successfully
OpenToonz Ubuntu got removed successfully

Recommended PC environment for OpenToonz Ubuntu:

  • Intel Core I series processor
  • 4 GB or more RAM
  • 500 MB or more available storage space
  • 1280 x 1024 or higher monitor resolution

Install Blender on Linux Ubuntu 19.04 & 18.04.2 LTS- 3D Creation Suite:

Blender Ubuntu
Blender Ubuntu

Blender is three dimensional CG application toolset that allows users to create 3D printed models, Animated Movies, Visual Effects and even for Video games. The most important advantage of this application is that it is a Cross-Platform application and hence it is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and more. Get to know How to Install Blender on Ubuntu 19.04, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

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Advantages of OpenToonz Ubuntu:

  • It can be used by anyone and its absolutely free of cost.
  • No matter whether the purpose of the use is commercial or not.
  • It is an open source software so the users can modify its source code for free.
  • OpenToonz aims to develop a new platform which connects the academic research into frontline animation production.

Get in Touch with us:

The above article clearly depicts the origin, installation, removal of OpenToonz Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04. OpenToonz Ubuntu is the multi-platform application & it is available for different operating system such as Windows & Linux. In case of any Query please Comment Us.


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  1. I followed youur tutorial and at the end this happened.

    $ opentoonz
    Command ‘opentoonz’ is available in ‘/snap/bin/opentoonz’
    The command could not be located because ‘/snap/bin’ is not included in the PATH environment variable.
    opentoonz: command not found

    What I do now?

    • Please try the following methods. Note: Go to the next method only if the earlier methods fail.

      Method 1:

      Go to Show Applications and locate Opentoonz from the applications list and try opening it.

      Method 2:

      Click on the following link to launch OpenToonz in the Ubuntu Store. You can find the Launch button there as OpenToonz is already installed. Click on the Launch button and check out whether the OpenToonz is opening or not.

      Method 3:

      This is the final method. This may or not be working.

      Go to the snap/bin directory using the command cd /snap/bin
      Do ls to list all the files of the bin directory.
      If you find OpenToonz listed among those, then execute the command opentoonz from that directory.

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