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Polo File Manager Ubuntu- Install Polo on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/ 19.10

How to Install Polo File Manager on various Linux Distros

Polo File Manager for Ubuntu


olo File Manager for Ubuntu: There are a lot of file managers available for Linux but there is something new and unique with the Polo File Manager because it is loaded with a lot of features such as multiple panes, terminal, dark mode, pdf operations, image operations, and more. In this article, we will check out how to install Polo File Manager on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS(Bionic Beaver), Ubuntu 19.10(Eoan Ermine), Debian, and other Linux Distros.

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Install Polo File Manager on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/ 19.10- Using Terminal:

Execute the following commands on the terminal one by one to install Polo File Manager on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Distros, and Debian.

  • Open Terminal using the shortcut CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Firstly, let us add the repository of Polo File Manager to our system. Enter your system password when prompted to authenticate the installation process.
$sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
  • Nextly, let us update all the apps.
$sudo apt-get update
  • Finally, we will install Polo File Manager on our Ubuntu system.
$sudo apt-get install polo-file-manager
Polo File Manager Installation
Polo File Manager Installation
  • The installation will take some time and hence wait for the process to complete. After the installation, it can be accessed from Show Applications.
Polo File Manager for Linux
Polo File Manager for Linux

Install Polo File Manager using Ubuntu Software- GUI:

This is an alternate method to install the Polo File Manager on Ubuntu. We will use Ubuntu Software to install the application. You can either open Ubuntu Software and search for Polo or simply click on the following button to open the installation page on your Ubuntu Software.

Remove/Uninstall Polo File Manager from Linux Ubuntu:

If you wish to remove or uninstall this file manager application from your Ubuntu, execute the following command on the terminal.

$sudo apt-get remove polo-file-manager

Advantages of Polo File Manager(Advanced File Manager for Linux):

The following are the key features of this advanced file manager application.

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  1. Different Layouts: It provides a number of layouts that include Horizontal Layout, Vertical Layout, and Quad Layout.
    Multiple Panes with Terminal
    Multiple Panes with Terminal
  2. Application View: It offers various applications views such as Icon view, List view, Tile view, and Media view.
  3. Disk Usage Data: Provides the Disk usage data of the files/folders selected.
    Disk Usage Data
    Disk Usage Data
  4. Dark Mode: It supports the Dark mode of the system that can be enabled on this application.
  5. A number of Panes: You can keep panes as much as four in a single window.
  6. Terminal: The application comes with an inbuilt terminal that we can make use of.
  7. Hard Disk Information: Provides detailed information(Clear GUI) on the Hard Disk Partition, their file formats, total capacity and usage, external storage devices plugged to the system, and more.
    Hard Disk Split-up
    Hard Disk Split-up
  8. ISO Operations: Capable of performing Mount, Write to USB, and Boot in VM operations.
  9. Image Operations: You can now resize your images, reduce and change their quality, convert the formats of the images, and more.
  10. PDF Operations: One of the advantages of this application is that it allows you to split, merge and other edits that can be done on a pdf can be done with Polo File Manager.

Ultimately, this is not just an Advanced File Manager but also an all in one File Manager that supports versatile functionalities.

Application Details:

Basic App Details & Requirements

LicenseFree to use
App Version18.8.3~172~ubuntu18.04.1
App Size
OS RequirementUbuntu 16.04 & Later Versions

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If you are looking for a File Manager with various functionalities, then without any doubt, Polo File Manager will be the best one. The above article provides detailed information on Polo File Manager and provides the steps to install this File Manager application on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/ 19.10, and other Ubuntu-based Distros. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comment section. For instant solutions, visit our Forums!!

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