How To Install Speed Test Client on Ubuntu 18.04, 18.04.2 LTS & 19.04 (Disco Dingo)

Simple Method to do the speed test using Terminal on Linux Ubuntu !!

Speed Test Ubuntu


peed Test on Ubuntu 18.04: Speed Test is one of the best web app client for testing our Internet Connection Speed. This Speed Test can be accessed through the Website called ““. You may need a faster internet connection to access this website and this is because this website is flooded with Ads and heavy loading components. But later they launched the SpeedTest Beta version with low ads, faster loading time. Even though the beta edition performs well you just need a browser to access the website. In this article, we provide information about installing Speed Test Client on Ubuntu 18.04, 18.04.2 LTS & 19.04 Disco Dingo Editon.

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How to Install Fast on Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04.2 LTS using APT:

Speed Test can be accessed through the APT library. This Speed Test app is newly launched in the APT library. You need to follow the below instructions to test your Internet Speed on your Linux PC.

$sudo apt install speedtest-cli
  • Open the Terminal & paste the above command.
  • Hit the Enter button, provide the password of your Ubuntu PC
  • The Installation process will begin.
Install Speed Test Client
Install Speed Test Client

Now the Speed Test is successfully installed in your Ubuntu PC. You can access it through the Terminal.

Use Speed Test Application on the Ubuntu Terminal:

Now that the application is installed on the Ubuntu let us get to know How to use it on the Terminal. The steps are really simple.

Check this too  Internet Speedtest Online- Cable Wierd, Fiber, Wifi SpeedTest Web Online
  • Open Terminal using CTRL +ALT +T.
  • Then comes the usual App opening in Ubuntu. Type “speedtest” and press Enter key. The application will start to run on the Terminal itself and will get you the Download Speed of your Internet. The output as follows.
Speed Test Ubuntu
Speed Test Ubuntu

The above image shows the working of “Speed Test” client application on Ubuntu Terminal. It is very fast and simple. By calling the name of the application, it simply starts testing your internet speed with “Data Downloading Speed” & “Data Uploading Speed“.

Even though this works good, You cannot set the configuration values for the application. It is simply doing the Speed Test your Internet Connection like Speed Test Beta. The previous point is not demerit but an uncomfortable one.

How to Remove Speed Test App from Ubuntu:

Removing Speed Test App is very easy, Just follow the one line command to uninstall the Speed Test app from your Ubuntu PC.

$sudo apt remove speedtest-cli
Remove Speed Test App
Remove the Speed Test App

Speed Test App for Android and iOS:

Speed Test Play Store
Speed Test Play Store

Speed Test App is also available for Android and iOS. If you are looking forward to an ad-free, simple Internet Speed Check App then Kindly check out the following link to get to know more about Speed Test for Android and iOS and install them on the respective devices.

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This article provides detailed information on Speed Test Application and different methods available to install Fast on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and on other Ubuntu and Debian based Distros such as Linux Mint, etc. If you have any Query regarding this article, Kindly Comment Us or Contact us.

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