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Install Sugarizer in Linux Ubuntu 19.10/ 18.04 LTS & other Distros

Sugarizer for Linux Ubuntu


ugarizer for Linux: Learning is now made fun and interesting. This application allows children to learn basics in a new interesting way. This application can be very essential for schools to teach their children and parents to educate their children with the essential things in a very interesting way. More than 30 lakhs children use this application every day and it has been created for the One Laptop per Child project. In this article, we will check out how to install this application on Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver, Mint, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch, CentOS, and OpenSUSE.

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How to Install Sugarizer on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/ 18.04 LTS- Using Terminal:

Note: Snap Package management is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and higher versions, however, it can be installed using the command sudo apt install snapd.

The following are the steps to be followed to install this application on Linux Ubuntu 19.10, 18.04 LTS, 19.04(Disco Dingo), Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and other Ubuntu-based Distros.

  • Open Terminal using the shortcut CTRL + ALT + T on Ubuntu.
$sudo snap install sugarizer
Install Sugarizer in Ubuntu
Install Sugarizer in Ubuntu
  • On the terminal, execute the following command to install sugarizer. Kindly enter your system password when prompted to authenticate the installation process.
  • Once the installation is done, then it can be accessed from Show Applications.
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Install Sugarizer in Linux Ubuntu using Ubuntu Software- GUI:

This is an alternate method to install the Sugarizer application. We will use Ubuntu Software to install the application. Simply click on the following button to open the installation page on your Ubuntu Software.

Sugarizer in Ubuntu Software
Sugarizer in Ubuntu Software

Getting Started with Sugarizer in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

Application Wheel
Application Wheel
  • As the application is installed, let us get familiar with it so that you find it more comfortable to use.
  • If you are a first time user, then you can create an account for yourself. Unlike other account creations, all you have to enter is your username and then to choose your logo. That is it.
  • This application includes a wide variety of fun-based learnings that includes Abacus, Blockrain, Calculate, Abcedarium, Exercise, Color My World, Clock Web, Flip, Gears, Moon, Paint, Physics JS, Labyrinth JS, TamTam Micro, Scratch, FotoToon, and more.
  • Let us check out a few interesting things from Sugarizer which are really fun and knowledge-based and highly interesting not just for kids but also for adults.

Speak Activity:

Speak Activity
Speak Activity

This feature will convert your text into speech with an interesting animation. All you have to do is to click on the Speak Activity from the Sugarizer wheel and then type your text and press Enter key. You can find the animation is speaking out your text.

Color My World:

Color My World
Color My World

As the name says, this feature allows you to color the countries of the world.

TamTam Micro:

TamTam Micro
TamTam Micro

This is really an interesting option. You can find a palette with a lot of images which on clicking will play the sound related to it. For example, if you click on a piano image, then the app will play the piano sound.

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Clock Web:

Clock Web
Clock Web

It will display an analog clock with Minute hand, Second hand, and Hour hand differing in colors which can be essential for schools and parents to teach their kids.

Digital Abacus:

Digital Abacus
Digital Abacus

Abacus lets you perform various mathematical operations using a digital abacus.


Know about our Moon
Know about our Moon

This feature provides information about our moon such as its Phase, Julian data, Lunation, next full moon and new moon, and more.



This option provides information on various constellations.

Other Features of Sugarizer:

Remove/Uninstall Sugarizer from Linux Ubuntu:

Execute the following command on the terminal to remove or uninstall this application from Linux Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Distros.

$sudo snap remove sugarizer

Install Sugarizer on Fedora, Arch, CentOS, and OpenSUSE:

Missing Snap Package Manager?
Missing Snap? Install Snap on Fedora, Arch, OpenSUSE, and CentOS using the following link. Snap for various Linux Distros

Sugarizer for Fedora:

$sudo snap install sugarizer

Install Sugarizer on Arch Linux:

$sudo snap install sugarizer

Sugarizer Application for OpenSUSE:

$sudo snap install sugarizer

Sugarizer for CentOS:

$sudo snap install sugarizer
Note: The app installation command remains the same for the above distros. If you are missing snap, then the Snap installation commands vary for these distros. Hence you can use Snap for various Linux Distros to install Snap.

Application Details:

Basic App Details & Requirements

LicenseFree to Use
App Version1.2.0
App Size243 MB

Sugarizer for Android Smartphones:

Sugarizer for Android
Sugarizer for Android

I know you are surprised!! Yes, this application is available for android and hence you can now use this application handy and on the go with your Android smartphone. The following is the Google Play link to install this application on your Android smartphone.

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With technology getting better and better every day, there are a lot of new techniques available for effective learning. With such, Learning is now made fun and interesting. Sugarizer is one of those techniques that allow children to learn in a fun way. The above article provides detailed information on Sugarizer and provides various methods to install this application on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/ 18.04 LTS, Debian, Arch, CentOS, OpenSUSE, and more. If you have any queries with the above article, please let us know in the comment section. For instant solutions, visit our Forum!!

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