Install Sweeper Application on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/ 19.10!

A quick file cleaner for Ubuntu

Install Sweeper on Ubuntu


weeper: It can quickly remove all your temporary files and history. Sweeper Application easily scans the system and start to clean files such as web page cookies, browser history, or the list of recently-opened documents. Sweeper App helps to provide additional privacy on a system shared between multiple users. Now let’s see how to install Sweeper Application on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/19.10.

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Sweeper Application Specification:

App Versionmaster+35d66ca
App Size106.5 kb

Various techniques to Install Sweeper Application on Ubuntu 

There are various techniques available to install Sweeper Application on Ubuntu. The well-known and best way to install Sweeper Application on Ubuntu is Terminal Commands. We can use Ubuntu Software as an alternative way to install Sweeper Application.

Technique 1: Install Sweeper on Terminal:

  • To execute the Terminal Commands first, open the Terminal on Ubuntu by pressing the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T.
  • Now execute the following Terminal command for the installation of Sweeper Application.
sudo snap install sweeper --edge
  • Now Terminal requires your Password to confirm the installation, type your password correctly.
Install Sweeper on Terminal
Install Sweeper on Terminal

Technique 2: Install Sweeper on Ubuntu Software:

  • Open Ubuntu Software and search the Sweeper Application in your system or else just click on the link below to directly open the Sweeper Application installation page.
  • Now Click the Install button to Install Sweeper Application on your system.
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Install Sweeper on Ubuntu Software
Install Sweeper on Ubuntu Software

Guidelines to Launch Sweeper Application on Ubuntu:

  • This Sweeper Application channel is edge. So it may cause compatibility issues while launching the Sweeper Application. The issues may differ based on your operating system version. We recommend you to install the Sweeper Application with the help apt package for better compatibility of Sweeper Application on your system.
  • Just follow the Tutorial to install Sweeper Application using apt package.

The removal process of Sweeper Application on Ubuntu: 

  • Removal of any Application using Terminal commands is the best and recommended way to remove applications from your system.
  • Now just open your Terminal by pressing the shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+T.
  • Execute the following Removal Terminal Command for Sweeper Application.
sudo snap remove sweeper

A quick summary:

This article enclosed with all the techniques to install launch and remove Sweeper Application on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver/ 19.10 Eoan Ermine. Make use of Sweeper Application, a quick cleaner to sweep up all your temporary information in one click. Stay connected to get instant updates and don’t forget to comment your suggestions/queries in the comment section.

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