Install the UFW (Stable) on Linux Kubuntu 19.10!!

Configure your Firewall Settings Easily using UFW!!

Install UFW for Kubuntu

What is UFW?


FW: Uncomplicated Firewall is a program mainly designed to configure the firewall easily on the Unix based systems. UFW uses the command-line interface and you can configure the firewall using simple commands. In this article, we will discuss more on UFW Configuration and the installation guidelines as well.

We will install the latest and stable version of UFW (0.36) which is the latest version as of today.

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Installation Steps for UFW on Kubuntu:

  • Launch the Konsole else use the shortcut cut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole on your system.
  • Copy the following command and execute it.
  • Now, type your system password to authenticate the installation.
sudo snap install ufw


sudo apt-get install ufw

Configure a Firewall with UFW:

  • Press the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Just copy and use the following commands to Configure a Firewall with UFW.

Enable UFW:

sudo ufw enable

Enable UFW
Enable UFW

Disable UFW:

sudo ufw disable

Check UFW status:

sudo ufw status

Use this below command to get a detailed status report.

sudo ufw status verbose

UFW Version Check
UFW Version Check

Back to default settings:

sudo ufw reset

UFW Reset
UFW Reset

Add Rules using UFW:

Copy the below mention commands and execute it on your Konsole.

Set Default Rules:

The ufw-default command is used to set the default settings to incoming and outgoing connections.

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sudo ufw default allow outgoing

sudo ufw default deny incoming

Configure incoming outgoing connections
Configure incoming outgoing connections

Add or Deny Connections:

You can add or deny connections by providing the port number or the service name.

sudo ufw allow <port>/<optional: protocol>
sudo ufw deny <port>/<optional: protocol>

To allow the incoming and outgoing connections from the SSH.

sudo ufw allow ssh

Allow connections SSH
Allow connections SSH

To deny both incoming and outgoing connections from port number 80.

sudo ufw deny 80

Remove the Rules:

sudo ufw delete allow ssh

It will delete the added rule and denies the incoming and outgoing connection from the SSH.

UFW – Available Options:

  • Go to the Konsole with the help of the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T
  • Execute the following help command on your Konsole.
ufw --help

UFW Help Options
UFW Help Options
Usage: ufw COMMAND
 enable                          enables the firewall
 disable                         disables the firewall
 default ARG                     set default policy
 logging LEVEL                   set logging to LEVEL
 allow ARGS                      add allow rule
 deny ARGS                       add deny rule
 reject ARGS                     add reject rule
 limit ARGS                      add limit rule
 delete RULE|NUM                 delete RULE
 insert NUM RULE                 insert RULE at NUM
 route RULE                      add route RULE
 route delete RULE|NUM           delete route RULE
 route insert NUM RULE           insert route RULE at NUM
 reload                          reload firewall
 reset                           reset firewall
 status                          show firewall status
 status numbered                 show firewall status as numbered list of RULES
 status verbose                  show verbose firewall status
 show ARG                        show firewall report
 version                         display version information
Application profile commands:
 app list                        list application profiles
 app info PROFILE                show information on PROFILE
 app update PROFILE              update PROFILE
 app default ARG                 set default application policy

Remove/Uninstall UFW from Kubuntu:

  • Launch the Konsole using the shortcut cut key CTRL+ALT+T to open the Konsole.
  • Copy the below-mentioned command and use it.
  • Enter the system password correctly to remove juju from your system.
sudo snap remove ufw
Remove UFW
Remove UFW


We hope that in the above article we have mentioned the important commands and guidelines to configure the firewall settings using UFW and demonstrated the easy steps to Install, Launch and Remove the juju on Kubuntu 19.10. Don’t forget to mention your queries in the comment section and your valued suggestions are always welcome. Keep learning with us. Thank you for visiting our website Tec Robust!!

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