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VLC for Ubuntu

VLC for Ubuntu: VLC Media Player is one of the Best and widely used media player and it is almost available for all the platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and a lot more. VLC which is the short form VideoLan Client which is an Open Source cross-platform media player that supports almost all the Video and Audio formats. They support from 3gp to mkv and even more than that. Hence VLC will be a great option for Ubuntu as a Media Player. In this article, we will see How to Download and Install VLC for Ubuntu Unity and also about installing VLC on Linux Mint.

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Different Methods to get VLC Media Player on Ubuntu Unity 18.04.1 LTS:​_

When it comes to Linux, generally we use Terminal more than GUI mode. Linux Operating system nowadays provides much more Graphical User Interface(GUI Mode) and Ubuntu Unity is one of the best among them. Hence we have decided to explain all the methods so that users can choose the best and convenient one.

How to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu Unity 18.04.1 LTS- Terminal Method:

  • Open Terminal using the Shortcut CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Paste the following command in the terminal and execute. Kindly enter your Password to authenticate the process.

$    sudo snap install vlc

Important: If you don’t have snap installed already then install snap using the following command before executing the above VLC installation command.

$   sudo apt install snapd

VLC for Ubuntu
Type the Command
  • Executing the above command will install VLC Media player using snap. Kindly wait for the process to complete. Once the installation is done then you can start using the VLC for Ubuntu.
    Vlc for Ubuntu
    VLC installed on Ubuntu

How to Download & Install VLC for Ubuntu using Ubuntu Software:

If you are a beginner and not sure about working with Linux Terminal then Linux Ubuntu Unity provides a wonderful platform and it is called as Ubuntu Software[GUI MODE] which is similar to a Google Play Store or App Store of Apple. You can use the Ubuntu Software application to download and install your favorite applications on your Ubuntu Unity. Kindly note that not all the apps will be available on the Ubuntu Software application.

  • Click on the All Applications.
    vlc for ubuntu
    All Applications
  • Scroll down and Locate Ubuntu Software from the tile of menus.
    vlc for ubuntu
    Ubuntu Software
  • Once you open the Ubuntu Software application, you will find a Search symbol at the top of the application. Click on that.
    vlc for ubuntu
    Seach Symbol
  • A search bar will appear. Search for “VLC”.
    VLC for Ubuntu
    Search for VLC
  • Once you locate VLC Media Player then choose it.
  • Click Install now.
    VLC for Ubuntu
    Choose Install
  • Kindly wait till the installation finishes.
    VLC for Ubuntu
    VLC installing on Ubuntu
  • You can access VLC Media Player now under “All Applications“.
    VLC for Ubuntu
    Launch VLC for Ubuntu

Install VLC for Linux Mint using Quick Steps:

Installing VLC Media Player is similar to installing it on Linux Ubuntu Unity. There is only one difference. We will check it out in the following steps. We will use Terminal to install VLC on Linux Mint.

  • Open Linux Terminal using CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Execute the following command.
$  sudo snap install vlc

How to Use? Paste the above command and press Enter Key.

VLC for Linux Mint
Run the Command
  • Now you will get an error if snapd is not installed in your Linux Mint. Hence we will install snap now using the following the command.
$   sudo apt install snapd

How to Use? Paste the above command and press Enter Key.

  • Now, execute the first command again and it will start installing VLC for Linux Mint.
    VLC on Linux Mint
    VLC on Linux Mint

How to Fix “Sudo Snap not found” in Linux Distros:

vlc for ubuntu
Sudo Snap Error on Mint

Snap Command not found, is a common error you will encounter while trying to install a Software on your Debian Distros that does not have Snapd by default like Linux Mint. Here we will see How to resolve this error on Linux Mint.

  • Open Terminal using CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Execute the following Command on the Terminal. Snap Command has not found error will be resolved.
$   sudo apt install snapd

How to Use? Paste the above Command and press Enter Key.

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This article clearly provides information on How to Download and Install VLC for Ubuntu Unity 18.04.1 LTS and other Debian based Linux distros such as Linux Mint and more. If you have any Query then Kindly Comment Us and we will get back to you with a solution ASAP.

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