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Use the Latest URL Decoder and decode your url instantly in no time.

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About URL Decoder:

The web browsers request the pages and contents from the web using the Web Address called URL. The URL can be expanded as a Uniform Resource Locator. The sample form of URL is ” https://www.tecrobust.com


RL Decode: URL can be sent to the internet through the ASCII characters. Some of the URL contains a character that is not included in the ASCII Character set and hence URL Decoder will replace the ASCII characters into non-ASCII Characters. The basic URL encoding will replace the characters with “%” and followed by some hexadecimal numbers which will be reverted to the conventional character on Decoding. This URL Decoder is powered by Kode Developers Website.

For example:

If you enter the URL value in the above form and hit the “Decode URL” button, the decoded value of the URL will appear on the textarea.

https://www.tecrobust.com to https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tecrobust.com%2F

You can give a try by using the above URL decoder tool.

Completely Free of Use:

This URL Decode online tool is completely free and we will never charge for any type of URL conversion occur in this conversion.

Easy to Use:

Just copy the URL and paste the URL in the above textarea and hit “URL Decode” button, instantly the decoded URL will appear on the textarea. If you want to undo the process then simply press the Reset button to retrive the original URL.

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You are accepting our terms and conditions by accessing this page, We don’t store any of the data or type of data in the website. This tool works on client side completely. We are no long response to any problem occur to you. If you are not bound our terms and then please don’t use our URL Decoder Online Tool.


URL Decoder is a simple and best online tool to decode the URL and thereby converting the ASCII character set values. We recommend you use this tool to decode any type of Encoded URL. If you have any query related to this tool and please drop us the comment, we will reply you soon.

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