Apple Launches iOS 13- iOS 13 is here with loaded features!!

Check out the features of iOS 13

iOS 13 is here

iOS 13 is here: Loaded with Fun and Features:

Recently, Apple launched its latest iPhone models, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max. The top-end models are loaded with triple Camera setup and loaded with A13 bionic chip.After the launch of the new iPhone models, Apple has launched iOS 13 which comes with a lot of surprising features.

Dark Mode:

Dark Mode on iOS13
Dark Mode on iOS13

Yes, it is true. iPhones are now having the Dark mode. It can be activated from Display & Brightness option of Settings.

New Wallpaper:

New Wallpapers
New Wallpapers

Newly added wallpapers on new iOS 13.

Updated options for Photos:

  • New Photos tab
  • Smart Photo Previews
  • Pinch to Zoom Support

Other Features on iOS 13:

  • Apps launch faster than the earlier version.
  • Face ID Lock is faster and much enhanced.
  • All-new design for the Remainder App.
  • Privacy and security on iOS 13 have been enhanced to a greater level.
  • Improved messages search and improvised Memoji customization.

Other than the above-listed features, there are a lot more available on the latest iOS 13.



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